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Begonia 'Heaven Scent'

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World First! At last, truly fragrant  Begonias - a summer long display of gorgeous large blooms, each colour a different scent!! Its true! These really are the very first truly Fragrant Trailing Begonias! Flower power and gorgeous soft scent all wrapped in one sensational flower.

These gorgeous plants are admired both for their delightful fragrance as well as their giant rose-like blooms. Their aromatic scent literally fills the air with a delicious medley of fragrances ranging from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose. Each amazing flower head measures up to 4-5' across - so large in fact that they will hang down in a beautiful waterfall cascade of soft pink, peach pastels and apricot shades. Plant them in hanging baskets, tubs and planters where they can tumble down over the side, they thrive in hot and dry, or wet and windy Summers - one of the main reasons behind their success.

A small posy of them also makes a lovely indoor display as does floating a few heads in a large bowl. Of course both will smell simply fantastic! Be one of the first to share in this remarkable breeding achievement, our Customers have been snapping these up for the last 2 years we have had them available, and it's easy to see why! Get all 'Aromantic' with these Fragrant Begonias.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : customer service very efficient
Product : product very good
++ Service rating : Although the plants arrived loose in the box as their containers had burst open, they are surviving. Emailed to state problem and this was replied to fairly quickly.
Product : I rate these plugs as excellent because at the moment, despite their state of arrival they are beginning to thrive. .I will be planting them shortly
++ Service rating : Very good manner on the telephone, plants are very well packed and in good condition when arrived.
Product : Very satisfied with your plants.
-- Service rating : As I have said many times before the customer services are great
Product : Have had three lots of replacements as the quality of these plants are so poor, and there not much better, bought them to do baskets for friends, so disappointed, may have to spend more, will not buy these from garden bargains again. They need better quality control
Product : As stated these arrived in a poor state. Having planted them on into pots of good quality compost they are still in a poor condition with the leaved dropping off. Not sure if any will survive,
++ Service rating : good plants
Product : good
++ Excellent plants am looking forward to seeing them in flower.
- Service rating : ?
Product : plugs not in very good condition for the price paid
Garden Bargains Comments
Oh no, I am really sorry to hear this. Have you contacted us directly with some images of what you received ? Please do so and we shall action accordingly for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
- Service rating : received what I ordered promptly
Product : They seem to have had a tough time in the post. Have potted them on and time will tell, I am not sure yet how many will survive.
+ Service rating : Arrived on time, packaging too small.
Product : The plugs themselves would have been fine but seem to have been put in packaging that was too small consequently one had all its leaves broken off and some others had leaves that were broken. I have planted them all into little pots and they are looking much better but whether the broken one will recover remains to be seen.
- Service rating : Can't fault the customer service team, always glad to help
Product : These have been the worst begonia I have tried to grow, hoping the replacements for the ones that have died already are of a better quality. Think I'll stick with my apricot shade begonia.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment with your Begonias. Are you able to take some images of what you have received please? if so please e-mail them over to us immediately. We will of course be happy to replace these for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
W Service rating : Had 36 scented begonias delivered from this company.when opened containers I discovered 10 of the plants dad broken stems no leaves and some just a ball of soil. I immediately sent them a email to let them know .I received back a automated response email giving me a case number.After a week of no response I emailed them again .As exspected guess what .No Reply .I have now given up on hearing from them.This is obviously one of these company's that take your money and then ignore you when things go wrong.So what can I say except .Buyer Beware .Think twice about .purchasing anything from this company.
Product : Ordered 36 scented begonias.Of which 10 where badly damaged And the remainder were not up to the standard that I would have expected for the cost of them.I for one shall never use or recommend this company to anyone .
Garden Bargains Comments
Good Afternoon,

Firstly, thank you for your recent order with us. I am ever so sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the order.

I cannot see any correspondence from yourself regarding this matter. Have you been in touch directly? Please contact myself

Please know that we would be happy to replace any items that arrived damaged as this is not at all what we expect.

Please get some images sent over to us. This will allow us to help!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
- Service rating : Service good products bad
Product : Terrible
Garden Bargains Comments
We're really sorry to hear that your plants arrived in poor condition after a delay in transit. We'd be happy to refund you.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Very good.
+ Service rating : Too long "in transit".
Product : Plants were a bit dried out as they had taken 5 days from their dispatch to the time I received them - more than 30% did not recover - the others were OK eventually!
++ Service rating : My plants arrived quickly and I was kept well informed regarding the status of my order.
Product : Planted straight into hanging baskets and seen to be doing well.
+ Service rating : plants arrived promptly packing in good order
Product : plants are of a good size and quality all thriving well
- one box was fine the other was in a bad state I tried to track my delivery on your site and my computer told me to get out of the sight my card detaild were being taken The Fraud Squad are looking into it my card was used in Spain
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that you have been a victim of fraud. However I can tell you that this was categorically not due to our website, which is totally secure.

Head of Customer Service
++ I did have an issue on behalf of my neighbour about the coleus but it was sorted out straight away and my neighbour was very pleased with the outcome and would therefore use you again.
Garden Bargains Comments
Good to hear that we resolved this for you.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : I was very satisfied with my order. Arrived promptly. Packed very securely and above all plants arrived nursery fresh.
Product : Fresh and healthy.
NA Service rating : Service was good to need to rethink delivery service. Sent at end of week so not delivered over weekend, in fact took 6 days which is too long for such small plants. Well packed but due to length of time in transit they were drying out.
Product : As the plants were a week in transit they arrived very dry. They had also been thrown around a bit, so had lost a few leaves. I potted them on immediately, after soaking in water for half an hour and am now awaiting results. There have definitely been some losses were leaves had broken off and the plants were too small to survive, but hopefully there will be a 60% survival rate.
NA Service rating : very prompt service, but see below .
Product : Too soon to say. When and if they come to flower, then I'll be able to tell you
++ Plants arrived safely, well packed and protected
+ Service rating : Great products, reasonable prices and fair p&p.
Product : 1st 12 plants were fine but 2nd 12 plants were barely germinated. Reported this to customer services and they sent another 12 free of charge.
- Service rating : Very disappointing with the condition the begonias arrived 80% of them had to be binned, one very upset customer.
Product : Very disappointing with the condition the begonias arrived 80% of them had to be binned, one very upset customer.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that your begonias did not arrive in perfect condition. I have arranged to replace them for you. If you'd have let us know, we'd have done this immediately!

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Excellent.. All products received and as described
Product : Delivery driver did not handle very carefully resulting in some plants being displaced from their pods. Only lost 2 when replanted.
++ Service rating : easy ordering on web page.
Product : growing well in greenhouse
+ Service rating : Ordering and delivery very good and I had no need to contact the company
Product : We were unfortunate that we lost two plugs due to postal handling
+ Service rating : Was excellent
Product : Not use them yet
- Service rating : good delivery not all I ordered arrived
Product : ask for 12 and 12 free only got 12 had to phone customer service now rectified
++ Service rating : Good service and prompt delivery.
Product : The plants were well packed and in excellent condition
-- Service rating : Responsive to complaint
Product : The plants arrived in a terrible condition they had come loose in the plastic case that resulted in compost & plants broken leaves in a heap at the bottom, replacement sent that are not much better, and they are certainly not jumbo plants as advertised, so I will not be ordering again from Garden Bargains.
+ Service rating : Disappointed
Product : Only 20 out of the 24 were replantable,four of the plants were not none existing. I was very disappointed. Will not use this company again.
+ Service rating : Good value. Always well packed.
Product : They are already planted in pots - this is the first time I have grown Begonias but feel hopeful for a full quota.
++ Service rating : Excellent service as usual
Product : Lovely healthy little plants
+ Service rating : goods arrived as specified no issues
Product : looks ok so far will be able to give a better veiw of these products once they are growing. many thanks
+ Service rating : It seemed as if you had done a good job of how the plants were packed, but the postal system didn't quite work
Product : Several plants had lost the surrounding compost. I have planted them in pots, but do not know if they will be OK.
+ good service good package
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 plug plants (1.5 - 2cm diameter) ready to plant between April and June for optimum performance.
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