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Apricot and Peach Trees (1)
'Drop In' Bulb Pods (2)
Bulb Sale (6)
Perennials By Variety (5)
Climbing Plants (2)
Feeds and Fertilisers (1)
Foliage Interest Shrubs (6)
Fruit Tree Sundries (1)
Fuchsias (5)
Fruit & Veg (1)
Garden Equipment (4)
Geraniums (1)
Gifts For Gardeners (2)
Growing on (1)
Grapes, Figs & Exotics (3)
Flowering Shrubs (19)
Hedging Plants (11)
Instant Impact Plants (11)
Lilies (5)
May Madness (11)
More Basket Plants (3)
Mediterranean (8)
More Patio Plants (9)
Pots and Planters (3)
Patio & Dwarf Fruit Trees (4)
Plants for Cut Flowers (3)
Pear Trees (1)
Perennial Collections (1)
Plum and Cherry Trees (2)
Summer Flowering Bulbs (12)
Spring Sale (4)
Standards (6)
Superfruits (3)
Surfinias and Petunias (3)
Trees (6)
Trees and Shrubs (1)
Special Offer (2)
Ideal World Shows (7)
Vegetables & Herbs (3)
Christmas Plants (1)
Christmas Trees & Decorations (1)


Sometimes we get it wrong, and buy a few too many, and we need to sell them. The way we at Garden Bargains see it is that our loss is your gain! So grab yourself a bargain but please bear in mind some plants may need a little TLC, or be out of usual season.
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