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Garden Bargains was first launched in 2008 to bring home gardeners just like you the best range of gardening products available, delivered quickly, conveniently and in nursery-fresh condition. The business is run by enthusiastic and passionate gardeners for the benefit of the home gardeners it serves.

Over the years there have been many changes but, as the growing season approaches, you can be assured that we remain committed to delivering great plants and other gardening items that will delight you and perform superbly. Following our most recent change, we are now returning to the original home of our business. Our new website www.gardenbargains.com is full of gardening goodies to help everyone enjoy gardening and make the best of whatever space they have! Whether you're a regular green-fingered guru or a new enthusiast simply looking to purchase a few plants to brighten up your patio, then we've got the products, plants and people to help!

Everything you order will come direct from our nursery here in Lincolnshire, lovingly packed in our specially designed packaging and sent to you by our experienced team. Best of all, everything is covered by our complete satisfaction guarantee; hardy plants are even offered with a Lifetime Guarantee! All items have been carefully critiqued and specially selected, finding their way in to our range because of their proven garden performance here in the UK. This means you can be confident that the plants you buy will perform just how you would expect them to wherever you live, be that in the south of Cornwall or the north of Scotland! From Foxgloves to Fuchsia and Cobnuts to Cucumbers, we always aim to include the very best examples available within any given genus - and we are confident of this, because we grow them ourselves! We'll even provide lots of handy planting information to get you on your way.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of enthusiastic and passionate horticulturists. Everyone has different interests and strengths but all of us have rosy cheeks and muddy boots! We have proven professionals who have spent several decades working in the nursery industry, keen amateur gardeners with more passion for plants than you can imagine and up-and-coming younger gardeners who find the thrill of growing things simply magical! So in no particular order...

Angela Noghani - Our TV Superstar!

Angela would describe herself as an "Enthusiastic Gardener". Her love of nature started at a very early age when she created her own allotment in the family garden. Growing herbs and vegetables from seed is where her passion for 'grow your own' emerged. As her own family was growing up she also gained a reputation for her home-made pickled pears in red wine and apple chutney, making use of the abundance of fruit produced in her garden. Over the years she has moved home several times and has adapted her garden accordingly, learning how to get the most out of even the smallest of spaces. Combining her love for travel and horticulture, Angela loves to explore and discover new varieties of plants and flowers.

She attends many shows and exhibitions worldwide increasing her knowledge and experience and is always on the lookout for the new and unusual. She enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge and has worked with schools encouraging young people to get their wellies on and get growing! Look out for Angela on Ideal World - the UK's best TV shopping channel - most weekends on any of the following: Freeview channel 22, Sky channel 654, Freesat channel 812, and Virgin channel 747.

Favourite flowers: Sunflowers, roses, lavender, gardenia & tuberose - a pretty and heavenly fragrant collection.

Favourite evergreen plant: Trachycarpus Fortunei - a truly hardy palm that creates a tropical feel to the garden.

Favourite fruit to grow: Raspberries and Tomatoes!

Top grow your own tip: Plant strawberries in wall planters to save space and keep the slugs away.

Pet hate: Naked snails.... Slugs!

Peter McDermott, Head Gardener (aka Managing Director!)

Peter has spent almost 30 years in the horticultural industry, many of those spent getting his hands dirty and actually growing things for a living. From an early age he fell in love with the magic of growing plants and, what started as a hobby at the age of 8 growing just a few lettuce plants in a corner of the garden, has turned in to a lifelong career. Growing up on his family nursery in South Devon, where he and his father grew over 300 varieties of fuchsia and geranium as well as various cut-flower crops including perpetual carnations, Peter developed a real understanding of plants and how to grow them successfully. He then headed off to Bicton Horticultural College in Devon, where he spent several enjoyable years studying, and never looked back! These days, travelling through Europe looking for new and innovative plants for gardeners to grow is one of his favourite past times and he has developed a keen eye for discovering the new and interesting.

He has worked for, and run, several large mail order gardening companies, where he has gained unrivalled expertise in the UK gardening sector. Peter runs our business, is our marketing expert, and keeps everyone in order - or at least he tries to! A self-pronounced kettle-dodger, he rarely makes the tea but does enjoy a nice strong cuppa (ideally with a piece of fruit cake) - often whilst sitting in his garden after a spot of mowing, pruning and planting!

Expert on: Fruit and vegetables, bulbs, bedding plants and hanging baskets.

Favourite plants: Fuchsia, Agapanthus, Gerbera & my lawn - especially when it has stripes on it!

Own garden: Large formal gardens in Lincolnshire with new borders, mature trees and lots of exciting new projects!

If he grew just one thing to eat: it would be strawberries - but would have to grow an apple tree or two as well!

Top Tip: Garden little and often and concentrate on the things that matter most - mow your lawn and trim the edges every week in the summer and hoe weeds in between plants on sunny days.

Pet gardening hate: Scruffy, neglected gardens - it seems such a waste!

Matt Franklin - Our 'Country Gardener'!

Matt is a passionate gardener who loves his new plot in rural Northamptonshire! A larger garden has allowed him to extend his collection of power-packed garden beauties and make his outdoor living space spectacular; his patio clematis take pride of place and flower all summer long. Matt is always on the lookout for new and exciting plants and is particularly keen to get his hands on high impact Mediterranean plants - we have to get them locked away when he is near the nursery! A keen amateur cook, he loves growing his own nutritious, tasty and fragrant herbs and says they add a completely different level of flavour to summer salads. From Easy Fill Hanging Baskets dripping with strawberries, to pot-grown dwarf fruit trees he is also mad about 'grow your own'!

Favourite flowers: Clematis, begonias, fuchsias and impactful Mediterranean plants like Phoenix Palms.

Favourite evergreen plant: 'Standard' Bay trees - evergreen, perfect shape & you can cook with the foliage too!

Favourite fruit to grow: Strawberries and raspberries are longstanding favourites but those pineberries have him captivated!

Top grow your own tip: Grow tasty herbs next to your barbeque - they will be on hand just where you need them!

Pet hate: Gardens that look too tidy - he loves informality and tumbling plants that break up the edges...

Nick Fletcher - Our 'Pro-Gardener'!

Nick has spent his entire working life in the horticultural industry and is never more at home than when he is on the nursery and in his wellies! On a day-to-day basis he waters and tends to the plants on the nursery, feeds and nurtures them, and has on occasion even been spotted talking to them..! Then, when he goes home, he gets straight out there tending his own perfectly manicured garden too. Such is the interest he has in all things horticultural that almost all of his free time, holidays in particular, are spent travelling across the UK and further afield touring botanical gardens and even the odd bit of undiscovered jungle! His latest area of interest is southern Asia where he is discovering a wide range of orchid species and other exotic beauties that are seen as houseplants in the UK but as bedding plants in Asia! He loves tidy, formal gardens and even his veg patch is an example of productive, horticultural perfection.

Favourite flowers: Unusual orchids, Bamboo and plants that are a challenge!

Favourite evergreen plant: Freshly clipped Yew Trees first thing in the morning with a hint of dew on them!

Favourite grow-your-own: First early potatoes - lifted, washed and boiled with mint - unbeatable!

Top grow your own tip: Just sow some salads in a grow bag and see what happens!

Pet hate: Scruffy gardens... Matt!

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