Perfect for growing in small plant pots, the selection of fruit bushes here at Garden Bargains are ideal if you have limited outdoor space. Our range includes redcurrant, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes, and you can even grow your own blueberries!

All of the fruit bushes for sale are naturally compact and free branching, rarely reaching over one metre tall, making them very easy to grow and pick from.

Currants and gooseberries produce bountiful crops of smaller fruits, usually used in cooking desserts, jams and sweet treats.

The superfruits are a series of fruits that have extremely high levels of antioxidants, often claimed to protect our bodies from degenerative diseases of older age. Many of these are ericaceous, meaning that they need acidic soils, so lend themselves very well to growing in pots, where this can easily be provided, or try our ericaceous compost.

Order fruit bushes online with Garden Bargains today, and enjoy the convenience of delivery direct to your door. You will also benefit from our generous Lifetime Guarantee!

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