To help our plants deliver great results for you, we back them up with a range of fantastic fertilisers, feeds and compost. Working with leading trade suppliers to the professional growers market, we are able to bring you products they use, which are simply not available in garden centres.

With compost for growing in, it is vital to get the right mix of air spaces, and fine and coarse particles, to drain, but not dry out. Our Premium Professional compost TREF does this brilliantly, and is widely used by Europe's best growers.

Feeding can seem a minefield, but is quite simple. High Nitrogen feeds encourage new, leafy growth, and High Potash feeds promote flowers and fruiting. Regular feeding will improve all plants massively compared to no feed at all.

Rain Gel & Feed makes it even simpler. A spoonful feeds your plants, as well as conserving water, saving you time and money watering in Summer.

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