To help you get the best results for your fruit, vegetables and flowers, we have worked with suppliers of professional products, not usually available to the consumer market.

Our revolutionary Easyfill Hanging Basket system will change the way we all use baskets. Their unique construction allows you to plant from the outside in, passing each plant through pre-formed apertures without any root damage whatsoever. Once in place, you simply slip a lattice Gate in to position and it will hold the plant with the roots inside and the leaves and flowers outside in both cases perfectly unharmed by the process! Tough and durable, and made in the UK, they really are the last hanging basket you will ever need to buy.

Compost to grow in needs to be open and free-draining, with plenty of air spaces in, yet able to hold enough water so it does not dry out. Our Professional Mix, from the leading Dutch blender, also contains 30% peat free ingredients too, such as composted pine bark and green waste, making a top-of-the-range quality mix for best results in pots, planters and hanging baskets. Not to be confused with cheap bags on offer at DIY stores.

Water conservation saves water and time, and advances in water-holding gel technologies, mean we can offer products to keep your plants thriving in droughty spells, cut down on how often you need to water them.

Helping you save time, protect your investment in plants and get better results, our garden essentials really are just that - essential!!

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