Welcome to Garden Bargains, where you can shop from a magnificent collection of bedding plants and basket flowers to inject an abundance of colour into your garden.

In fact, our complete range of the most popular, high-performing best-selling bedding plants and basket flowers makes it easy to get good results.

Our plug plants are available from February onwards, so if you have a conservatory or greenhouse, you can separate them into small pots. This will keep them away from frost and give them a head start for bigger and earlier displays.

Don't worry if you don't have these facilities available though. We sell plug plants into May, so you can still fill summer and autumn with colour, by potting them up straight outside once the risk of frost has passed.

There are no rules with bedding, whether you plant in borders, pots, tubs, hanging baskets or anything else that will hold compost - let your imagination run wild!

Whether you choose bright colours, or toned pinks and pastels, it's so easy to mix trailing plants - those that creep out over the edges and upright types to give height. We have basket and bedding flowers available from May right up until the first frost strikes - last year this went well into November with geraniums and begonias.

What's more, our range of hanging baskets and pots, compost, feed and fertilisers will help you achieve the best results and make sure your garden looks beautiful month after month.

Shop for basket flowers and bedding plants online or by contacting us over the phone on 03332 021 061. Every one of our products comes with a Complete Guarantee of Satisfaction, to ensure you are always delighted with your purchases.

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