Although often cited as the UK's most loved garden flower, the rose has a wrong reputation for being difficult to cultivate.Our range has been chosen with this ease of growing and all round flower power, scent and sheer garden performance in mind - many of our roses have been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit too.

By choosing the proven varieties, and thanks to major advances in the breeding of rose bushes over the last two decades, new cultivars have been developed that are not only repeat-flowering from May onwards but also resistant to many of the common diseases that used to affect them. Best of all, they produce superb fragrances!

Garden Bargains supply a simple range of garden roses to suit every taste and situation. There are thousands of varieties available, but we have picked the proven garden winners and performers in each category, so you will get the best results. Most of our roses are sold in Winter as dormant "bare root" bushes. "Bare root" is the traditional supply method for roses, offering lower prices and ease of shipping, and is sued by all rose specialists. We then follow on with potted roses form May throughout Summer - the same rose bushes, but we have potted and grown them on, so they cost a little more, but give instant impact.

Our rose bushes are grown by the UK's largest rose grower in the fine soils of East Anglia, and are of guaranteed fresh stock and Grade I quality. Our "bare root" roses are lifted from the fields in the Autumn when they become dormant and are then stored in a cool store environment until delivery. They can be planted any time between October, when they may put on a bit of new root before Winter sets in, right through til April, when they will quickly burst to life in warm Springs, but need to kept well watered.

To create your own classic rose garden, we offer a variety of bush and shrub roses which are renowned for being easy to grow and will be perfect if you are a beginner. If you want to create an eye-catching yet discreet partition in your garden or an oasis of calm, then look no further than our selection of climbing roses. If, on the other hand, you want to add the classical beauty of the rose to a border or along a fence, or even make a hedge, then let our collection of world-renowned Flower Carpet ground cover roses tempt you. We also have a selection of standard roses on offer - bare root in the autumn/winter, potted back in the summer.

To look after your roses, don't forget to visit Rose Sundries, where you will find a selection of products and equipment to feed, protect and prune.

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