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Pack of 3 Windowsill Propagator Kits
Pack of 3 Windowsill Propagator Kits - Rating  2 Reviews
Just £12.99
Professional Shuttle Trays
Professional Shuttle Trays - Rating  2 Reviews
Just £14.99

It all starts with a seed...or a cutting, or a runner. But whichever way propagation occurs, this is the stage where growing seedlings are at their most vulnerable and require tender and loving care.

Most gardeners first plant seeds in propagation trays and then re-pot them into larger pots when they have germinated. Not only is it time-consuming and messy, but disturbing seedling roots can also be fatal. Garden Bargains has the ideal solution: the Complete Shuttle and Watering Tray Kits. Used by professional growers, they provide the ideal environment for growing on seeds and young plants. Complete with 9cm-pots and comprising shuttle trays that stand in watering trays on top of capillary mats, they promote healthy growth by distributing water evenly.

We also supply trays on their own.If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, Garden Bargains offers some practical and attractive items. The Vintage Dutch Bulb Crate is more than just a crate, it is a piece of history as they are all over 30 years old and have been used to store bulbs near Amsterdam. But you can use them for pears, apples, anything. Their metal mesh base allows air circulation and prevents rot, and they can be stacked up, making them a real space saver. Likewise, our Hessian sacks will not only store your produce in optimum conditions, they will also lend their traditional charm to any shed.

Growing on has never been so easy, so contact us today to buy these essential gardening accessories.

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