Professional Shuttle Trays

Professional Shuttle Trays

Pot up and grow plants like a professional
5 x Trays - Item: 130013
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What Is Supplied

Shuttle Trays are the professional growers answer to producing top quality plants, growing them on and transporting them efficiently. Each tray allows you to pot and grow on 18 plants at a time altogether that is 90 plants in total across the 5 trays that you can produce in each batch!

The rigid trays are easy to carry around and the pots and trays are made so they can be used over again they will last for many seasons; just wash them out after each use. The pots are approx. 9cm diameter and approx. 8cm deep so they allow plenty of early growing on time for young plants. In fact they are perfect for potting up and growing on young plants, seedlings or even germinating seeds from scratch.

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++ Service rating : very happy with service
Product : trays and pots strong and useful
++ good products prompt delivery
- Service rating : Delivery on time and well packed
Product : Not very strong and is doubtful if it will stand many years of use. Tor the cost I suppose you get what you pay for but ir was not what I expected
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry that you feel that way, however I would disagree - they should do you for several years (as mine have!).

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them, I lost track of my membership and forgot to renew it but they still dealt with my order at maximum speed.
Product : They make Gardening seem so easy nowadays.
++ Service rating : they are ok they do what they say so i'm happy with them
Product : just what i wonted doing a good job thank you
+ Service rating : Prompt and courteous service!
Product : 2 of the trays arrived damaged in transit, however they were quickly replaced after being informed.
- Service rating : Reasonable
Product : The black plastic cracked as I unpacked them. I was disappointed with the quality
Garden Bargains Comments
Can you send us photos of the plants please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Arrived safe & in good time
Product : Just what I wanted
++ Service rating : all very posative,easy to deal with
Product : in use now in cold frames,very happy with purchase
What Is Supplied Supplied as 5 Shuttle Trays, 30cm wide x 53cm long, each containing 18 9cm diameter pots (90 pots in total). Made from durable frost proof high impact plastic. Please note - colour of pots may vary.
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