Blueberry Collection

Blueberry Collection

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3 x 9cm Potted Plants - Item: 310022
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Grow your very own crop of incredibly tasty blueberries on your patio - yummy! This veritable superfood is believed to carry all manner of health benefits and is recommended by health experts and dieticians accordingly. Packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, they are not only really good for you but they taste great too! Blueberries provide true season-long interest and will produce wonderfully fragrant tubular blossom in spring, followed by delicious fruits that form and colour up ready for picking from June onwards.

This collection will provide 3 months of harvest from June until August with each bush providing up to 5kg (over 10lbs) of fruit per season once fully established. Blueberries make brilliant patio plants and will grow perfectly in pots do remember to use ericaceous (slightly acidic pH) compost though as all blueberries are lime intolerant. In autumn, the foliage will provide a bright flourish of scarlet colour before falling off for the winter.

The collection comprises 3 varieties, selected for their wide continuous harvest period and ease of growth in your home garden.

Varieties Included:

Early 'New Hanover' The earliest cropping and a heavy cropper with fruits of a good size but with a wild blueberry flavour delicious!

Mid: Blueberry 'Blueray' A popular, tasty mid-season cropper providing big crops of juicy sweet fruits.

Late:  'Ozark Blue'  The latest cropper within our collection providing a big crop of delicious berries it is one of the most popular varieties and a real favourite of chefs!

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++ Service rating : Never had a complaint at all ever.
Product : One seems to be a bit poorly but garden bargains are looking into it for me.
+ thisrefers to their website... most things are unavailable.. very frustrating if you see something you want.. 90% are unavailable
+ Service rating : always excellent service
Product : good strong plants
+ Service rating : Goods arrived on time........but packed incorrectly.
On the outside of the very large cardboard box was an arrow and the legend "THIS WAY UP." when I opened the box it was obvious that it had been loaded from the base end.The plastic containers with the plants in were upside down and partially crushed between the compost sack and the box wall.Two of the plants were damaged.
Product : I hope that they grow .
+ Service rating : Nice plants
Product : Nice plants
++ Service rating : great product
Product : all looked ok with plant lets see how they grow
+ arrived as promised good service
++ Service rating : very good condition when i received thwm
Product : very good and all healthy plants
++ Service rating : Get what you ordered in good condition excellent service
Product : Plant were in good condition and on planting have come on well
++ Service rating : Excellent service plants delivered within the time specified
Product : Good strong plants as described, we await harvest time
+ Service rating : Nice plants
Product : Not packaged very well but otherwise ok
+ Service rating : Good choices
Product : Healthy plants
++ Service rating : great service and helpful staff
Product : reat colourful amd fresh blueberry plants
+ Very good service, highly recommended
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Very good
+ Service rating : Delivery was very good and plants arrived well protected.
Product : Plants look healthy - giving them as Christmas gift so keeping in greenhouse till then.
++ Service rating : very helpful
Product : delivered quickly
and in very good condition
++ plants very nicely and securely packed for transportation. Thank you
++ easy to use web site, great prices, excellent packaging, great plants potted up day after receiving looking good in their pots, it will be next year before we can see the results of the blueberries. My grandchildren boy 8 girl 7 have been given a blueberry bush each to look after
++ Superb plants delivered on time
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Very good, well packed. Delivery went as per plan
+ Service rating : You were polite and helpful
Product : the plants were in good condition and looked healthy
++ Service rating : excellent service all goods shipped on time well packed no damage and healthy will buy from Garden Bargins again and highly recommend
Product : excellent condition plants all very healthy and with good root growth
What Is Supplied Supplied as established potted plants:. 1 x Northland, 1 x Jersey, 1 x Bluecrop all in 9cm pots
Will grow to approx. 1-1.5m (3-5ft tall).
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