Patio Standard Roses Collection

Patio Standard Roses Collection

Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
4 Bare Roots - Item: 530199
Only £39.99
*Despatched from 31/10/2017
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Incredible Value! ‘Patio Standard’ Rose Collection… Beautifully Fragrant, Premium Quality Elegant Blooms Enjoy Them All Summer Long For Decades To Come!

This Patio Standard Rose collection is superb value for money, that’s less than HALF normal nursery prices! They will produce summer-long displays of beautifully fragrant blooms for decades to come.

Also known as Tree Roses, they are the perfect way to add height and elegance to your patio – where a single bush will make a dramatic fragrant feature – or as a pair of potted specimens to dress a door or gateway. By ‘top grafting’ the flowering variety on to the straight stem of the rootstock, thereby giving the height, it takes expert growers a full 3 years to produce these gems.

This unique Patio Standard Rose Collection features 1 each of pink, white, red and new for Autumn 2016, two-tone yellow & peach. Approx 60-70cm tall, root to tip, with a 40cm clear stem.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : excellent service thank you
Product : excellent service thank you
- Service rating : Have no trouble with garden bargains but the delivery people (yodel) were very sloppy. They were told to leave package behind side gate but they left it on my front step in full view of any passers by.
Product : I am concerned about one of my roses it arrived without any leaves and does not seem in any hurry to grow them. Another one is not vey bushy no one or the branches is completely dead.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you have concerns regarding your Roses.
To confirm the health of your shrub we would advise to perform the following bark test.

Scratch back an area of bark with a fingernail or sharp knife- we would recommend you try a main branch or trunk as occasionally tips of limbs may have some winter die back.  If underneath the outerbark is green the tree is healthy and merely dormant as anticipated. 

If it is brown and brittle the tree has unfortunately perished and we will aim to resolve for you. Please know that we offer a lifetime guarantee service. Any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
-- Service rating : They arrived safely
Product : They all died. Still hoping something will happen but its very doubtful. Very disappointed
+ Service rating : service OK
Product : 2 were excellent 1 good 1 poor but overall good value.
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Very good service
+ Service rating : its a good company but very poor customer service i.e. I emailed them asking them to hold my order as I would be away for a short holiday. while on holiday I received an email saying that my order was on its way. I emailed the company again with a promise that they would reply in 24 hours and I'm still waiting. Luckily when the order was delivered my neighbour was home and they took it in, watered the plants and kept them alive for me until my return otherwise I wouldn't have been very happy at all.
Product : 3 of the bushes/trees are thriving but one I'm keeping a very close eye on as I'm not sure it will "make it"
++ Service rating : excellent plants and excellent on delivery
Product : there's no more to say but excellent
++ Service rating : Very pleased with service
Product : Arrived promptly in great condition
- Service rating : The packaging was too large for the roses, and as they had been thrown about in the box many of the branches were broken. The unit holding the three clematis had broken open and the compost had emptied out into the box. The clematis were separated from their labels so you couldn't tell which was which. The bulbs appear to have survived the journey though
Product : As stated, some of the branches were broken. I have planted them out and will wait and see
Garden Bargains Comments
Good Morning,

Firstly, thank you for your recent order with us. I am ever so sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the order.

I cannot see any correspondence from yourself regarding this matter. Have you been in touch directly?

Please get some images sent over to us. This will allow us to help!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Timely delivery service and good communication updates.
Product : Standard roses planted immediately - now waiting for results and growth. Plants had sufficient packaging in transit.
+ Service rating : Plants were sent well packed
Product : Difficult to leave feedback till the bare root plants have been potted and grow!
++ Service rating : Arrived within the time specified. Good service
Product : Really well shaped standard roses with many healthy looking shoots. I am hoping for a good display in the summer.
+ Service rating : kept me informed when there was a delay with dispatch
Product : good value
+ Service rating : kept me informed when there was a delay with dispatch
Product : good value
++ Service rating : Excellent service kept me informed when having to replace plant pots that were not up to standard before delivering.
Product : Very good healthy plants
+ Service rating : Excellent delivery they were received the next day.
Product : It is difficult to say as they have only just been received but they appear to be in good condition.
++ Service rating : Never been let down by Garden Bargains. I'll use them many times a year.
Product : Excellent young plants delivered on time and in great condition.
++ Quick deliver
++ Service rating : Kept informed. Arrived early.
Product : The roses were in excellent condition, brilliant value for money.
++ Service rating : Always good plants and service
Product : Look healthy on delivery
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery of good plants
Product : Healthy roots
++ Service rating : Great service all round
Product : They look perfect but more like half standard
++ Delivered promptly with good care instructions. Just awaiting summer to see the blooms!
++ Service rating : Roses arrived on time as said
Product : Good quality and condition
+ Service rating : Generally a good firm to deal with.
Product : Good selection of plants and are delivered well packed.
++ Service rating : Never had any problems very help full customer service h
Product : Received in excellent condition and delivered when they were suppose to
+ Reasonable quality but, flowering cheery trees not up to my standard?
Good delivery and well packed.
-- Service rating : The plants were dead on arrival and after three weeks of corresponding with customer care they still believe that I can plant them. I ask them for a refund and still waiting for their reply. Customer service made rude comments.You should avoid dealing with this company.
Product : The plants came in a very bad state.The product is not worth buying. The roses are not as described and certainly not as tall as in the catalogue
Garden Bargains Comments
As explained, we are more than happy to refund your order should you wish to return it. However, the photos you sent us showed plants that are exactly as we would expect and of the advertised specification.

These are supplied as freshly-lifted bare-root plants and it is completely normal for them to lose their leaves in autumn. The plants were almost certainly not "dead" and we did ask that you perform a quick and simple 'bark test' to determine this for sure - however you refused to do so.

I am very sorry that you feel otherwise, however we are 100% confident that had you planted them in line with our instructions and looked after them as per our advice, you would have been very pleased with the results next summer.

I apologise that you feel my colleague was rude, however - having read the email conversation - I am not sure what you may be referring to. Perhaps you could get in touch to clarify, as I would like to resolve this for you.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : no problems everything great
Product : look great on my steps waiting for flowers
++ Service rating : Plants arrived on time and in excellent condition
Product : Well packaged good condition plants
- Service rating : Dispatch arrangements were misleading,eg said Royal Mail, turned out in my experience as the worst courier Yodel.
Product : They were dried up having been dispatched 6 previously .They were sat in the passenger seat of the van I soaked them for two hours to try and bring them to life they were planted on same day in a pre prepared bed.lets hope they take
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry to hear that there was a delay in delivering your order. If your plants don't thrive please let us know.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : great
Product : great
- Service rating : Okay for the price; however their plants are not always in good condition
Product : One out of the four patio roses did not have enough roots to survive, so although it was potted and cared for, it sadly died.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear about one of your roses dying. We can replace this for you from our fresh stock in autumn.

Head of Customer Service
NA Goods went missing sent an email no problems offered to redelivery but asked for my money back No Problem excellent service
+ Service rating : Fast and speedy delivery
Product : One of the rose bushes looked a bit weak, but I have planted it and hope it is ok
++ Service rating : Really happy with service received , asked for deferred dispatch, all went perfectly.
Product : Beautiful and healthy plants
++ Service rating : I am very pleased with the service
Product : I am very well pleased with my order
++ Service rating : easy ordering on web page.
Product : arrived ok and already showing new growth
++ Excellent company to deal with. Fast ,efficient and very pleasant.
++ Service rating : Just diapointed when half the order was wrong but was quickly rectified so I was happy with the quick service response
Product : Great healthy bushes
++ Service very good
++ .very pleased who quick they came
+ Service rating : Well packaged and looking good
Product : Roses planted and look healthy so far
++ Service rating : Prompt and efficient service
Product : Just potted the roses and they are starting to bud.
+ Service rating : good customer service
Product : Some bushes much better condition than others must wait and see how they do
+ Service rating : OK
Product : Looks Ok but not showing any growth yet, too early, so I reserve my opinion
+ Very competitive price wise but quality of some plants isn't good. I spent about £100 on plants which is a lot of money for me, most arrived ok but some that didn't look that great are not improving and won't make it. Will probably contact them to see if they can be replaced.
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that some of your roses aren't of the quality expected. Can you send us some photos please? Any that are in poor condition will be replaced free of charge.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good delivery time easy ordering
Product : Plants well packed and in very good condition Very healthy plants
+ Service rating : Easy ordering and good delivery.
Product : Arrived well packed and with good instructions.
++ Service rating : It's not really garden bargains is it ?.
Product : But three are brilliant and one looks very much like it's not going to live.
No buds on and wood dead
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Roses were fine
+ Service rating : Very good service the customer service people were very helpful when I told them that one of the pots was damaged a new one was sent out immediately.I will certainly go back to them when I need anything else.
Product : Three out of 4 seem very good one was slightly damaged but I was assured that if it did not grow they would replace it without question.
+ Excellent service and delivery
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Really pleased, hoping they now grow
++ Service rating : delivery was very quick
Product : They look good but so far only one of them has no new leaves or shoots
++ No problems
++ Service rating : So far so good, just hope the plants grow well.
Product : Same as above
++ Order dealt with straight away and arrived on time
++ Service rating : good and efficient service
Product : good looking well grafted
++ Service rating : Service and delivery were excellent
Product : Really good quality and excellent value for money
+ Service rating : NO PROBLEM SO FAR
++ Service rating : First class company supplying great items
Product : These are in great condition and look really good in pots
++ Service rating : I had reservations on how I would receive 4 Standard Roses, in the post, without damage ?? I need not have worried. They were in an extremely strong box labelled accordingly so that handlers new what it contained. When unwrapped one would have thought they had been taken straight from their originally planted position. Well done. Extremely satisfied. I planted them into pots within 24 hours of receipt and within a week they were producing leave buds. Highly recommended
Product : These standards are exactly as described in the catalogue and are doing well having now been planted for only a couple of weeks
+ Service rating : Very good value for money. Did not have to wait long for delivery.
Product : The plants were in a healthy condition with plenty of shoots on them and the selection of colours was great.
++ Service rating : I keep going back for more so this tells you I am happy with what I get
Product : As Above
+ Service rating : some interesting offers
Product : roses look healthy, delivered in good condition.
++ Very good service. Order was delivered very quickly.
What Is Supplied

Supplied as 4 bare root bushes approx 60-70cm tall from root to tip, with well-formed heads, trimmed back for winter,.

Some may have green wax on cut ends, which prevents drying out. It will dissolve naturally when growth starts.

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