Tricolour Buddleia Butterfly Bush

Tricolour Buddleia Butterfly Bush

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2L Pot - Item: 510198
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Everyone knows and loves a Buddleia for their shear flower power and magnetic allure for butterflies - hence their common name The Butterfly Bush.

Here is a new twist on a much-loved favourite - 3 separate colours on one. Our clever growers have skilfully matched 3 different coloured plants - one white, one pink and one purple blue - and grown them close together in one pot. As the plant develops, the stems intermingle, creating a most intriguing mixed colour effect which will get the neighbours talking!

Retaining their magical attraction to butterflies, you can look forward to peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies aplenty this Summer - and for years beyond. Buddleia is one of the most robust and easy care shrubs to grow requiring almost no maintenance - we suggest a simple hack back to about 30cm each Spring before new leaves appear, but hey, if you forget, it will be fine too! Very hardy, and disease free, grow in sunny spots or large pots too.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Easy ordering and fast delivery
Product : Arrived in good condition have potted it out and so far it looks good very pleased.
+ Service rating : plants arrived on schedule but although planted out will have to see how they grow
Product : plants arrived on schedule but although planted out will have to see how they grow
++ Service rating : Excellent product and bought on offer so great value. Came well packaged and the plants were in near perfect condition. Will use again. Easy to use web site
Product : Bought these on offer so great value. Looked healthy when they arrived and are thriving.
++ Service rating : Easy to deal with - great range and value
Product : Beautiful plants - shooting well for spring
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Good
+ Received the 2 bushes cant wait to get them planted the deliverely was very quick and the plants were in great condition
- Service rating : The small bush was loose in a cardboard box on its side, there was no packaging round the plant consequently earth had spilt out, flowers were damaged and branches were broken off.
Product : See above.
Garden Bargains Comments
I am ever so sorry that your plants were damaged in transit. Please contact us directly with your photographs and we shall look at replacing all damaged plants for you FOC.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Plants always arrive in good condition and once planted respond well.
Product : Still in its pot, as I want to clear the area where I wish to plant it
NA I had to send a plant back to GB and they were very helpful, I will use them again.
++ Service rating : Excellent service. Highly recommend.
Product : Very healthy plant. Good root ball.
++ 1st Class service
+ Service rating : easy to order and good price,Bought many plants on line over the years got to say these have been the best buy and will buy again.Geranium & begonia 5 star.
Product : disappointed as the plant was very much pot bound.
++ Service rating : I made an error when ordering and immediately e-mailed. Quick response and my error easily resolved so I could take advantage of the offer. Great customer service
Product : Plants arrived speedily in good condition. Larger than I thought they would be. Now safely planted and waiting for a brilliant floral display for me and the butterflies!
- Service rating : really poor communication, delivery was over a month in spite of ringing and emails
Product : better than the other items in the order waiting to see if they recover sufficiently
Garden Bargains Comments
I am sorry that you are unhappy with the wait, however the reason for this was that your credit card failed authorisation and you didn't reply to our letter. Once you called us to resolve, we dispatched within 3 days.

Strawberries are perennials and as such don't look too pretty in early spring - they should pick up fine with proper care... Let us know if not.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : well packaged
+ Service rating : good operaters &polite
Product : quality plants
- Service rating : This time I cant give you better mark because your courier left my plant at wrong address-insted Saltisford Gardens he went to Antelope Gardens and elderly lady brought me this plant. Although delivery was quick plant looked a bit tired. After some TLC it recovered . I wanted to order some more plants but this wrong delivery made me think-I dont want elderly people being troubled because of brainless courier.
Product : The plant was thrown in to box, without any protection. It looked tired, lost a lot of leaves.
Garden Bargains Comments
Apologies for the incorrect delivery. We will follow this up with our courier. Let us know how the plants develops.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good service, great products
Product : Order a few plants and always very good
+ Service rating : Reasonable
Product : A bit expensive for what it is. To be honest I was a little disappointed when I saw it. I'm sure it will be fine as it grows
Garden Bargains Comments
Can you send us photos of the plants please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Great service and good value plants
++ Service rating : Quick and efficient service
Product : Plants arrived in perfect shape and on time Thanks!!
++ Service rating : Prompt and efficient service
Product : Planted and seem to be thriving.
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Good healthy plants
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that - can you send us some photos please?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good price
Product : Well packaged and good delivery
+ Service rating : Easy to order and prompt service I will use them again.
Product : Slight frost burn on Buddleia but Im sure it will be OK. Many thanks
+ Service rating : Compared to past service a vast improvement, fast and kept in touch, and no problems at all, keep it up, Thank you.
Product : Well going by my limited garden knowledge, I would say the plants looked good on arrival and well packaged, as, for the long term, time will tell.
++ Service rating : Excellent service and delivery
Product : Bigger than expected and well packed
+ Service rating : Arrived promptly
Product : Well packaged healthy plants
+ Service rating : Good delivery speed, packaging could have been better as the two items were left untied to flop about in the box which had been thrown about during transit. Plants had some minor damage due to this but otherwise ok.
Product : Some minor damage due to being thrown about during transit. Plants should have been secured in the box, I think, to help prevent this. Looking forward to seeing them out in bloom later in the year...need to plant them first once the ground here on the Pennines has warmed up a little more. Keeping them watered in their pots for now.
++ Service rating : excellent and quick service
Product : plants arrived in excellent condition and ready for planting
+ Service rating : Whatever bargain you order arrives, well packaged and in time for whatever purpose you want
Product : In excellent condition when they arrived. Can't understand why a plant that grows along railway tracks and in cracks in the ground can take a long time to get established!
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 2L pot, with 3 separate plants growing in, about 40cm tall total, well branched, to plant out and flower this year.
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