It seems incredible that Mediterranean plants can survive in the UK climate, yet many hardy varieties are perfectly at home here. Both palms and flowering Mediterranean plants will thrive in a sunny corner of the garden, growing in plant pots and other containers with good drainage, brightening up every corner of your garden.

These plants really come into their own in the summer months. Mediterranean flowers bring their exotic scents and colours to your garden, while hardy palm plants evoke sunsets and sandy beaches. At this time of year, Mediterranean plants enjoy rapid growth, so make sure you water them well. All our plants are hardy to -5C, but in extreme weather the pots should be brought indoors or covered with fleece.

Hardy Mediterranean garden plants include the date palm, of a size that makes it perfect for a balcony or patio, and the sweet-smelling oleander with its white, pink or red flowers. Add a taste of the Med to your garden, and make the summer holidays last all year round.

You can even enhance the theme with our grapevines, orange trees and olives available here, and bring the Mediterranean from your garden, into your kitchen.

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