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Here at Garden Bargains, we have a fantastic range of vines that are ready to pot or plant in your garden. We stock a range of fruits so you can grow delicious grapes, figs, pomegranates and more and enjoy them fresh from the vine!

Grape Vines

There is something evocative and exotic about grapes. Going back to biblical times, they have been associated with times of abundance and feasting.

They are luscious, juicy and taste of summer. The thought of grape vines climbing along your wall and curling their tendrils around their supports sounds idyllic.

Some varieties grow very well in the UK. As long as they are grown in large pots and trimmed to size each autumn, they will produce good fruit every year.

Red Grape Vines

Boskoop Glory is the best red dessert grape variety to grow in the UK. It produces huge bunches of dark purple fruit with a good flavour. Plant the grape vines in a sunny area in the ground or against a wall, fence or trellis.

They also thrive in large pots. Just plant and wait until the magic unfolds. The leaves are pretty and they turn bright red in the autumn.

White Grape Vines

Most white grape vine varieties are unsuitable for our climate with the exception of Golden Champion, which is very reliable and will produce masses of golden green fruit for you to eat fresh from the vine in late summer. They can even be used for winemaking.

Plant these grape vines in a sunny spot straight against a wall or in a large container.

Kiwi Fruit Vines

Growing kiwi fruits seems unthinkable in this climate, but it is very possible. Grow our self-fertile kiwi plants in pots in a sunny spot against a fence or a wall and be amazed at the results.

Fig Trees

The fig tree variety Brown Turkey thrives in our climate and amazingly withstands temperatures as low as -15C. This plant produces large pear-shaped fruit in late summer.

Grow in large pots to restrict roots or plant straight into the ground in a sunny spot. Fantastic foliage will add great interest to your garden.

Order your favourite fruit vines at Garden Bargains today, and we'll offer you a Lifetime Guarantee. Plus, everything is delivered carefully straight to your door - why not browse the rest of our grow your own range and order any gardening equipment you need?

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