Sweet Pea Incense Mixed Seeds Sweet Pea Incense Mixed Seeds
Sweet Pea Incense Mixed Seeds
Sweet Pea Incense Mixed Seeds

Sweet Pea 'Incense Mixed' Seeds

Beautiful ruffled blooms and intense fragrance
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
  • A superb mix specially selected for exquisite scent and pretty pastel shades.
  • A hardy annual, perfect for growing up trellis or fences, in beds, borders or containers.
  • Tall-stemmed varieties – ideal for cut flowers, bringing the fragrance indoors!
  • Loved by bees and butterflies – great for attracting pollinators to your garden.
  • Supplied as a packet of 35 (approx.) seeds ready for sowing indoors or outdoors.
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Product Description

An enduring favourite of the British gardener, sweet peas are surely one of the most rewarding and prettiest annuals you can grow – and this specially selected blend offers the very best in terms of all-round display and fragrance.

‘Incense Mixed’ includes top-performing varieties specifically chosen by a group of sweet pea experts for their exquisite scent. The large, ruffled blooms offer a medley of pastel shades in hues of white, pink, cream and lavender. Growing on long stems, they are perfect for cutting, so you can enjoy their pretty colours and perfume both indoors and out.

For all their delicate appearance, these cheerful sweet peas are very easy to grow and will reward with a continuous succession of beautiful blooms from May to October. The more you pick them, the more they will flower. Dead-heading those that are left on the vine is one of the most relaxing pastimes of the summer garden, and will prolong the flowering season.

For the best blooms, all they require is a sunny position but they do like their roots to be cool; try planting some low-growing annuals at their bases to provide some shade. ‘Incense Mixed’ will thrive in a variety of situations including containers, beds and borders, and are best grown up a trellis. Keep them well watered and they will reward you from late spring well into autumn. What’s more, their flowers will attract bees and butterflies, which will then pollinate your fruit and vegetables – making them a great companion plant for your kitchen garden.

Supplied as a packet of 35 (approx.) seeds ready for sowing indoors into pots of compost from January to March or September to October, or outdoors from April to May, directly where they are to flower. They will flower from May to October, growing to a maximum height of 180cm (72in) and spread of 45cm (18in).

What Is Supplied

Item 760030 supplied as:

Supplied as a packet of 35 (approx.) seeds ready for sowing indoors or outdoors.

Performance subject to growing conditions.
Origin UK.

Plant Information

Top Tips

  • Seedlings are best protected against bird damage with a few short twigs.
  • Grow alongside nasturtiums to help deter greenfly.

Care Guide

How to grow Sweet Pea ‘Incense Mixed’

  • Sow indoors for surest results, January to March, or September to October, 1.5cm (½in) deep, 5 seeds per 12cm (5in) pot of compost. Water well and place in a cold frame, greenhouse or on a cool windowsill. A temperature of 15°C (60°F) is ideal. Seedlings usually appear in 12-21 days. Keep moist. Pinch out the growing tip when 2 pairs of leaves have formed to encourage bushy growth. Gradually accustom plants to outside conditions (avoid frosts), before planting out into well-drained soil, March to May, 30cm (12in) apart. Support with tall canes or netting.
  • Or sow outdoors, April to May, where they are to flower, 1.5cm (½in) deep, directly into finely prepared well-drained soil that has already been watered. Sow 2 seeds together every 30cm (12in). Remove weaker seedling, which can then be transplanted. Seeds sown in autumn generally flower earlier the following year.
    Flowers from May to October. Pick blooms regularly to prolong the flowering season.


  • Use tap water rather than water from a rain butt to avoid the potential of introducing disease to the young plants.
  • Autumn sowings should be overwintered in cool but frost-free conditions.
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Sweet Pea 'Incense Mixed' Seeds
Sweet Pea 'Incense Mixed' Seeds
35 Seeds
Item: 760030
Only £2.99