Sweet Pea Galaxy Seeds Sweet Pea Galaxy Seeds
Sweet Pea Galaxy Seeds
Sweet Pea Galaxy Seeds

Sweet Pea 'Galaxy' Seeds

Enjoy wonderful scent all summer
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
  • Bring fabulous colour and gorgeous fragrance to your home and garden.
  • Pick blooms regularly for show stopping summer-long flowering.
  • Beautifully fragrant, early blooming, prolific and long lasting.
  • A combination of bold and pastel colours to climb up a trellis or any other support.
  • Supplied as a pack of approx. 35 seeds.
  • 35 Seeds - Item: 760022
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    Product Description

    Sweet Peas have always been amongst a garden lovers favourite flowers, and this 'Galaxy' is no different.

    Early flowering inlusciou s colours from reds to pinks to blues from late spring through to autumn, they'll produce a fabulous succession of beautifully fragrant stems that just keep on coming the more they're cut, so your vases can be as full as your garden with these prolific, long lasting star performers.

    Once planted out, provide a sturdy support such a cane wigwam or decorative obelisk that the plants can cling to as they grow upwards.

    A hardy annual, reaching 180cm (6ft), flowering from May to October.

    Supplied as a pack of approx. 35 seeds.

    What Is Supplied

    Item 760022 supplied as:

    Supplied as a pack of approx. 35 seeds.

    Growing to 180cm (6ft) Sow indoors or outdoors April - May. Flowers May - Oct.
    Origin UK.

    Plant Information

    Care Guide

    • Sow indoors 1.5cm (in) deep, 5 seeds per 12cm (5in) pot of compost indoors or straight into the ground April - May. A temperature of 15C (60F is ideal. If sowing outdoors, sow 2 seeds together every 30cm (1ft) and remove the weaker seedling.
    • Water well and place in coldframe, greenhouse or on a cool windowsill. Seedlings appear is 12-21 days.
    • Pinch out the growing tip when two pairs of leaves have formed to encourage bushy growth.
    • Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions before planting out 30cm (1ft) apart, into well-drained soil,when all risk of frost has passed.
    • Flowers: May - October.

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    Sweet Pea 'Galaxy' Seeds
    Sweet Pea 'Galaxy' Seeds
    35 Seeds
    Item: 760022
    Only £2.99