Pair of Cream Babylon Eyes Half Standard Roses

Pair of Cream Babylon Eyes Half Standard Roses

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2 x 3L Pots - Item: 530309
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Welcome to a rose breeding breakthrough - these deliciously fruity roses are brand new on the market, and we are we believe the first in the World to get them in half standard form.

After years of breeding, these stunning open centred single roses have a deep red maroon heart, the result of crossing with exotic Persian Rose species. The results are a cocktail of tutti frutti colours, even on one plant. A much less formal rose flower style, their open centres are a magnet for bees. What’s more, their ever-changing flower colours provide long season interest, especially in half standard form.

This luscious 'Cream Babylon Eyes’ has gorgeous creamy yellow coloured flowers that look  just like vanilla ice cream, splashed burgundy red in the centre eye, slowly fading paler as they age!

A really interesting and unique rose for an eye-catching, stand out of the crowd display.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of potted roses in 3L nursery pots, on tall stems approx. 60cm tall, ready to plant straight out or repot.
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