Nandina Woods Dwarf - Sacred Bamboo

Nandina 'Woods Dwarf' - Sacred Bamboo

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One of the finest evergreen shrubs you can grow for spectacular winter colour of both leaves and red berries, this should be in everyone's winter garden.

The variety 'Woods Dwarf' reaches just under 3 feet tall so is compact and perfect for pots and patios. It has larger leaves than some varieites, and has a simply sensational autumn and winter colouration. Hardy and tough as old boots, it has a bamboo-like 'cane' habit (hence its common name Sacred Bamboo) with several upright stems from a clump, but unlike bamboo does not spread.

In spring new foliage is tinged pink which turns mid-green in summer and small white flowers appear - but it really comes to life as the temperatures drop in autumn...The leaves turn a spectacular bonfire orange red, perfect for Halloween and autumn colour, and the red deepens and intensifies as it gets colder. The flowers turn to berries, which themselves get redder and redder too, so they are a frenzy of colour in full winter.

Great as a specimen in a pot, so you can move it near the door to lift your spirits on dark days, or equally at home in the soil in a mixed border planting.

What Is Supplied Supplied in a 4L pot, ready to plant out all year, approx 25-30cm tall in full leaf.
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