Golden Hedging Fuchsia Magellanica Gold Mountain

Golden Hedging Fuchsia Magellanica 'Gold Mountain'

9cm potted - Item: 510108
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Magellanica is one the hardiest of all fuchsias and is the one often seen growing wild in hedgerows in southern Britain - it's the perfect choice for a fuchsia hedge. Gold Mountain is a lovely variant of the wild form with bright golden foliage, it grows strongly yet the habit is more compact so retains a neat shape unlike it's more straggly cousin.  You'll get bright red single blooms on new summer growth so this makes a nice border or patio plant as well as being a great choice for a medium height hedge.

Plant at 4 plants per linear metre and trim only lightly - after - foliage has dropped - for the first couple of years. Buy as many as you want for no extra p and p..

What Is Supplied Supplied as a well established 9cm potted plant that can be planted at any time of year. Plant at 4 plants per linear metre and triml only ightly for the first two years. Prune from late autumn to early spring.
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