Cosmos Razzmatazz Mix Cosmos Razzmatazz Mix
Cosmos Razzmatazz Mix
Cosmos Razzmatazz Mix

Cosmos 'Razzmatazz' Mix

A free-flowering cosmos in a range of gorgeous pastel shades
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
  • A cottage garden classic with old-fashioned daisy-like flowers
  • Can also be grown in big patio pots, if support is provided
  • A lovely mix of white, blush pink, and deep rose-pink shades, on top of feathery foliage
  • Ideal for attracting wildlife into the garden
  • Supplied as a mix of 12 jumbo plug plants
12 Plug Plants - Item: 400874
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Product Description

Add that cottage garden feel to your borders and pots with Cosmos 'Razzmatazz' Mix. With its soft pastel flowers and delicate, feathery leaves, this is quite simply one of the best Cosmos for patio containers giving a succession of pastel blooms in shades of white, blush, light and dark rose pink. Its golden, pollen-rich centres are loved by butterflies and bees, who will throng to them on warm sunny days as well.

Very free flowering on sturdy stems and with extra-large, sometimes picotee petals 'Razzmatazz' makes an exquisite cut flower for displays in your home.

Supplied as a mix of 12 plug plants - we suggest growing on for a while in 9cm pots to and planting out when more established on 3-4 weeks. Plants will eventually reach around 90cm tall.

What Is Supplied

Item 400874 supplied as:
Supplied as a mix of 12 plug plants

Plant Information

Top Tips

When deadheading Cosmos don't just take the flower head off, but cut the stem right back to the first leaf below the flower head.

Care Guide

  • Unpack plugs immediately and stand them in water for an hour.
  • If you canít do this, they can sit in their mini greenhouse for a week if upright and not too wet.
  • Plugs may be slightly dry or yellow after being in a dark box in the post, but theyíll quickly recover.
  • Put them somewhere warm, light and airy such as a windowsill or greenhouse.
  • When potting on, handle plugs carefully. Pot on using our 9cm pots in Shuttle Trays, using good multi-purpose compost.
  • Give your plants a good water initially, then only when the top compost starts to dry. They donít like to be left in standing water.
  • Plant approx. 20cm (8in) apart to allow them room to grow.
  • Feed using a high-potash feed such as Blooming Fast Superior Soluble Fertiliser for Flowers & Fruits, to encourage flowering.
  • Dead head when flowers fade to encourage more flowers.
  • Remember that plants are frost tender and should be protected from frost at all times.
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Cosmos 'Razzmatazz' Mix
Cosmos 'Razzmatazz' Mix
12 Plug Plants
Item: 400874
RRP £9.99
Deal Price £6.99
Save: £3.00 - 30%
Currently Unavailable