Premium Fuchsia Voodoo - 12 plugs

Premium Fuchsia 'Voodoo' - 12 plugs

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A stunning trailing fuchsia that every hanging basket and patio pot display should have! So many keen gardeners consider any hanging basket incomplete without at least some fuchsias, so if you have grown fuchsia before and liked them, you will certainly love these beauties too.

Producing stunning double flowers, looking like ballerinas wearing tutus, these trailing ‘voodoo’ fuchsias will cascade over the edges of pots and baskets and dance away in the breeze. Their deep purple double corollas that lie underneath their hot pink sepal skirts are so rich and intense they look almost black! A real stand-out of the crowd fuchsia!

They always look best when planted up where they can trail and you can look up in to the blooms, as they cascade over the side of baskets. Flowers from late May until first frosts in the autumn. Not frost hardy so keep protected until the last frost. Pot on for 2-4 weeks before planting. Deadhead faded flowers to prolong the flowering period.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 12 plug plants.
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