Strawberry Elsanta Plants

Strawberry 'Elsanta' Plants

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Strawberries are ever-popular with UK gardeners and its little wonder why – growing them couldn’t be easier – or tastier.

‘Elsanta’ is one of the most popular, most-tasty and most colourful varieties of strawberry that you can grow at home and it’s even one of the leading commercial varieties, favoured for their juicy fruit and earlier, heavy cropping.

Perfect for growing in patio pots and containers if you’re short of space, or plant straight into the ground, they’ll be ready for picking from mid-June and will continue up until around the middle of July – weeks-worth of mouth-watering fruit!

Not only does ‘Elsanta’ produce bright and shiny orange-red fruits, but it produces pretty little flowers in the spring and rich deep-green foliage creating a very pretty ornamental plant in between fruiting seasons.

‘Elsanta’ is great for picking and making into jams and deserts but they’re also scrumptious eaten straight off the plant if you can’t wait that long…

What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 6 x 1.5L potted strawberry plants ready to plant out or re-pot.
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