FenceFins Fence Anchor System

FenceFins Fence Anchor System

4' x 4' post size - Item: 120066
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What Is Supplied

The brand new Fence Anchoring System, 'FenceFins' have been designed and manufactured in the UK to offer a simple, re-useable and effective fence post fixing system.

No more concreting in or banging on metal fixing spikes - never to be got out ever again if you get them wrong! Fence Fins' unique design works on the principle that support is mainly needed in the plane of the fence alone. It's unique 'fins' use the strength of the soil itself to hold the Fence posts fast and steady.

They simply nail on to the fence post, and the unique 'fins' extend only along the fenceline, providing lateral support. This means they can be installed close up to exisitng walls or boundaries, as well as planted or lawned up close to as well.

 Simple to use - no special skills required, nail on and dig in, and easy to adjust
 Strong - tested independently to be stronger than metal post spikes
  Easy to remove or re-use in years to come

Contact us for a price for orders over 10 units.

What Is Supplied UK manufactured and designed - galvanised steel to last, Fits a 4' x 4' (10cm) fencepost.
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