Sageretia Bonsai Ball Sageretia Bonsai Ball
Sageretia Bonsai Ball
Sageretia Bonsai Ball

Sageretia Bonsai Ball

Fascinating living art!
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
  • The art of bonsai is ancient and utterly fascinating, and easier than you might think!
  • A characterful evergreen tree with red tinted leaves and attractive flaking bark which gives it aged look.
  • Ready to display in your home straight away with its smart ceramic bonsai pot and tray.
  • Delicate pale yellow summer flowers followed by blue autumn fruits.
  • Supplied ready planted, 30-40cm tall including a 20cm ceramic bonsai pot with tray.
20cm Pot - Item: 800277
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Product Description

If you’re looking for an interesting new horticultural hobby, then you’ll find the ancient and fascinating art of bonsai intriguing and immensely satisfying!

This Chinese Sweet Plum - Sageretia has been trained by skilful cultivation into perfect miniature form. Already fully established in its own decorative ceramic pot this beautiful little tree will provide an instant focal point to any well-lit room. It may even treat you to pale yellow flowers in summer, followed by blue fruits in the autumn!

Sageretia are native to southern China and are exceptionally well suited to bonsai culture, readily branching with beautiful flaky bark and foliage tinged with red. They're easy to care for needing only a light trim each autumn to encourage branching. Water well as the compost becomes dry but avoid the tree standing in water. Feed occasionally with bonsai feed and your tree should thrive and last a lifetime or more!

During summer your tree can be moved outdoors but be careful to keep it watered and don't let it get cold overnight as bonsai love a constant unchanging temperature.

Supplied ready planted, 30-40cm tall including a 20cm ceramic bonsai pot with tray.

What Is Supplied

Item 800277 supplied as:

Supplied ready planted, 30-40cm tall including a 20cm ceramic bonsai pot with tray.

Plant Information

Top Tips

  • Consistency is the key! Try to avoid too much change in temperature and light.

Care Guide

General Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

Watering your Bonsai
Because it is restricted in a small pot, your bonsai will need checking morning and evening to see if it needs watering.
Keep your bonsai on its tray. This will catch the water draining through the holes in the bottom of the pot and will create some humidity around your bonsai, especially useful if you have central heating on.
Don't however let your bonsai sit in water as this can damage its roots.

Where to put your Bonsai
During winter place your bonsai in the brightest place possible, avoiding artificial heat such as radiators.
If placing your bonsai on a windowsill, keep it out of direct sunlight as they prefer cooler rooms.
During the summer, your bonsai will enjoy a spell outside, just remember to keep it in a bright, sheltered position.

Feeding your Bonsai
We always recommend feeding your bonsai with a specialist fertiliser - ordinary plant foods can be too strong for the bonsai and may scorch the roots. Feed once a week to once a fortnight during the spring, summer and autumn.
Reduce the feeding to approximately once a month in mid-winter when it is barely growing.
yellowing of the leaves if the bonsai is deficient in nutrients.

How to Prune Your Bonsai
Once new shoots have grown to about 2-3cm, using a sharp pair of bonsai scissors carefully cut back to the first pair of new leaves.
Your bonsai has individual branches and you should prune to maintain the gaps between them.
Prune regularly to maintain the shape - start as soon as you get your tree.

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Sageretia Bonsai Ball
Sageretia Bonsai Ball
20cm Pot
Item: 800277
Only £24.99
Currently Unavailable