Hanging Sea Urchin Air Plant Kit

Hanging Sea Urchin Air Plant Kit

Sea Urchin Air Plant Kit - Item: 800049
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What Is Supplied
This brand new really quirky display makes the perfect gift for anyone wanting something really unique to zhuzh up their home! Great for bathrooms, the unusual alien-like arrangement is meant to conjure up the idea of jellyfish or octopus-like sea creatures, making it interesting to children and adults alike. People will wonder if it’s real and be astonished when they find out that is really a living plant!

No windowsills?  No problem!  This hanging air plant display looks good anywhere.  Easy to make, the long lived plants will add a touch of natural charm to any room in the house.  Kitchens and bathrooms are good as they tend to be more naturally humid, but with the right care this will provide many months of enjoyment.

The perfect low maintenance houseplant, these air plants really do not require much attention at all making them the perfect choice for adding a bit of life to a room but with very little effort. Ideal as an activity with friends, family or with children in particular, you can have great fun choosing what plant to put where and producing your very own display that no one else will have.

The air plants included in this kit are top quality, healthy, nursery grown plants and they’ll be delivered direct to your door in perfect condition ready for you to get creative and create your very own unique pieces of art…
What Is Supplied

Supplied as the following kit;

1 x Sea Urchin Shell
1 x Plastic thread
1 x Button
1 x Large air plant
1 x Care card
1 x Assembly instructions


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