Large Sized Air Plant Collectin - 10 Pack

Large Sized Air Plant Collectin - 10 Pack

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What Is Supplied

The very best value large air plant collection anywhere including a fantastic range of these wonderfully unique and exotic plants, guaranteed to help you make a stunning piece of living artwork.

Large airplants are useful for creating the centre piece of a display.  They can be put just loose in (dry) vases or other containers. When making into arrangements where several plants are ‘stuck’ together special air plant adhesive is needed or low melt craft glue.

Air plants require a small amount of care in the form of weekly misting, or an occasional dunk in water.  Rain water is best, but tap water will be ok as long as it is not from a water softener. Air plants grow naturally slowly, but with a bit of TLC and air plant fertiliser they may flower and produce small plants (pups) around the base.  The pups can be left to develop naturally where, after a while, a clump of air plants will be produced.  If you want to increase your stock of air plants the pups can be removed when they are about half the size of the mother plant, by carefully prising apart. 

Air plants like good to medium light conditions and do not like harsh direct sunlight.  As with most houseplants they do not want to be below 8oC. With regular misting and the occasional feed, they can last for years!


What Is Supplied

Supplied as a collection of 10 mixed, large sized air plants with a care card.


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