Cooks Seed Cell Collection

Cook's Seed Cell Collection

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Growing your own produce has never been easier with these brand new and innovative Seed Cells!

Designed specifically to get beginner gardeners started, and to give experienced gardeners a quick and easy solution that takes up very little time and space, these seed cells are completely biodegradable and contain pre-sown quality seed that comes ready to plant - simply place in a well in the soil and water!

The seed pod will absorb all the water it needs to feed the seeds within whilst also acting as a protective layer, protecting the seeds as they germinate, before breaking down completely naturally, leaving no waste behind and a stong and healthy plant thriving in the ground.

This 'Cook's Collection' contains a mix of herbs, perfect for culinary use.

8 Cells - Mixed Herbs - Includes Parsley, Sweet Basil, Coriander and Chives, perfect for adding to a variety of dishes
8 Cells - Rocket - Ideal for garnishing dishes and adding to salads
8 Cells - Pizza Cook - Includes Tomato and Sweet Basil and will create the perfect pizza or pasta topping

Each pack comes with instructions to tell you when and how to plant.

Perfect for gardeners with little space, they can be planted in pots and containers and even grown on a sunny windowsill and with no mess or fuss. They're also great for getting the kids involved with gardening - why not give them their own little grow-your-own project?!

Best of all they are manufactured right here in the UK and made from 100% recycled paper so you're doing your bit for the environment whilst growing your own produce - real green fingers!

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What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 3 packs of 8 seed cells - one each of Rocket, Pizza and Mixed Herbs.
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