Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Brown Chesnut Mushrooms

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Brown Chesnut Mushrooms

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Growing your own mushrooms couldn't be simpler with this brand new fresh mushroom kit from UK mushroom specialists! Traditionally mushrooms can be difficult to grow but these kits are guaranteed by a specialist small-batch mushroom farm with over 50 years of growing experience.

Other kits on the market have very little success rates and so this kit has been specially created to provide customers with a grow-your-own kit that actually works!

Once received and activated, you'll be start to see a tasty crop of fresh, healthy, organic mushrooms within just a couple of weeks. Containing premium brown chesnut mushrooms, they can be enjoyed both cooked or uncooked and are a versatile cooking ingredient, adding wonderful flavours and nutrition just as our chesnut mushrooms do.

Perfect as a gift for even the complete grow-your-own novice, all you need is a quick daily spray of water. The instructions on the tub are simple to follow and will guarantee your success.  

Arriving as a complete kit, you don't need anything else to get going. Simply follow the instructions on the tub and grow.

What Is Supplied

Supplied as one plastic tub measuring H18 x W18 x D17cm, with a lid, containing pre-started mushroom spawn.

Upon receipt following the instructions below;

Step 1 - Remove the lid and empty the bag of casing onto the compost. Spread evenly.
Step 2 - Rehydrate the casing with gentle sprays of water.
Step 3 - Place lid upside down loosely on the pot for 7 to 10 days until white growth is just visible, then remove and follow the main instructions.

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