Adenium obesum Rose of the Desert

Adenium obesum 'Rose of the Desert'

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A stunning and very unusual flowering houseplant or summer patio plant, the ĎRose of the Desertí produces the most beautiful giant waxy flowers in two-tone shades of pink, all summer long!

Itís a very unique plant in that its huge, bulbous, succulent stem keeps the plant fed and watered in very dry climates and as a result, needs little care or maintenance. In winter give a little protection indoors from temperatures below 10C.

Hailing from South Africa, itíll add an exotic touch to your home or sunny patio where itís striking, bright pink flowers will add a splash of colour to your floral displays!
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 20-25cm tall plant in 11cm pot, in bud & flower.
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