Alyogyne Melissa Anne

Alyogyne 'Melissa Anne'

3.5L pot - Item: 680169
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What Is Supplied

A lovely exotic looking Australian native Plant, sometiems called the Native Hibiscus, 'Melissa Ann' produces large wafting Hibiscus like flowers in Summer, and makes a lovely exotic feature plant.

'Melissa Ann' is a special selection with Magenta pink flowers rather than the normal sky blue. Flowers are larger and longer lasting too.

It performs best in large pots, in well-drained soils with gravel, in warm and sunny  spots - this is to encourage the best and earliest flowering, as it will tolerate a degree or two of frost, but is probably best given Winter protection in all but the mildest areas of the UK.


What Is Supplied Supplied in a 3.5L pot, c 30-40cm tall, to flower first year
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