Hardy Agave americana Mediopicta

Hardy Agave americana 'Mediopicta'

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What Is Supplied

A stunning and striking architectural plant that suits modern garden designs, or desert and cactus styles, especially in a metallic pot. This unusual form has a bright white stripe down the centre of each leaf.

This tough succulent really thrives in neglect, and is surprisingly hardy in the UK - we have had them for 5+ years outdoors all year, and are fine if you keep them very dry. It is a striking speciment, very slow growing over here, but long lasting.

After 20 -30 years they may flower - unleashing huge 3-5M tall flower spikes in a last act of bravado, as after flowering they die. However, there are normally lots of 'pups' round the side by then,. which imemdiately take it's place.

Grow in a very free draining mix with plenty of sand or gravel (up to 50% mix with compost). Once potted they should be fine for 5-10 years....

Warning - the leaves have very spiky tips, and some smaller ones on leaf margins. Handle with care. Avoid places where chidlren or pets may brush against them.

What Is Supplied

Supplied as a 5 year old plant ina 3.5L pot, 30-40cm tall.

Beware of spines on leaf tips.

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