Bougainvillea Pink Pillar

Bougainvillea Pink Pillar

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A real taste of hot lazy Summers, Bougainvillea grow freely in hot countries around the Mediterranean with their rich colours smothering walls and balconies in the hot sun, but they also make great summer plants right here too!

The lovely magenta pink variety is one of the more compact and floriferous varieties, and performs well at lower temperatures in winter too. The colour comes, in fact, from bracts, not flowers themselves - a little like Christmas poinsettia. The bracts turn brightest magenta pink in summer whereas the flower itself is quite insignificant - a small creamy flower, which looks like the eye of the bracts.

These plants have been grown on a cane and are supplied with the cane in a 3L pot. Although climbers, they are slower growing in the UK. They’re perfect for growing in large pots in full sun on your patio, and then in winter provide protection below 2C.

They can lose their bracts suddenly due to stress, so do not be alarmed if they drop - new ones will quickly re-appear in warm weather.

A real tropical addition to the Summer garden!
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++ Service rating : Brilliant service and really good value for all the plants received from Garden Bargains especially when comparing prices and sizes of similar plants. Pity I haven't a bigger garden to buy more but at least my bank manager will be happy!
Product : Really happy with healthy plant but hoped there would be some flowers. Silly me but good value and hope for flowers next year. Will keep in conservatory over winter.
++ Service rating : Excellent plants and good offer prices.
Product : We hope!
++ Service rating : Good choice at good prices
Product : Fantastic value for money.
++ Service rating : I could not find any faults with the company.
Product : I absolutely love this plant. I have also bought an arch which I will grow this plant on.
Many Thanks.
++ Service rating : excellent customer care
Product : beautifull plant
- nearly all the plants have died. even though they have been tenderly treated . the trailing begonias. what a disapoint ment.
++ Service rating : First class from start to finish. Quality of products, services and speed of delivery.
Product : The plant arrived beautifully packed, to ensure it arrived in good condition.
Understandable instructions to plant the Bougainvillea and in the right place.
Result, looking good already and much admired.
++ Service rating : Always excellent and fast service
Product : Very pleased with this Bougainville plant
++ Service rating : All plants from Garden Bargains always well packed and delivered promptly.
The service is excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Product : The 'Pillar' was in perfect condition when it arrived. I have planted it,
so all I have to do now is hope it takes. It is looking good so far.
++ Service rating : Great have brought from you before
Product : I am very pleased with the shrubs you sent thank you so much
+ Service rating : Quality product, on time
Product : Somewhat larger than anticipated but good quality plants and I am excited to see their development
++ Service rating : Very good and no delays on delivery time.
Product : The plants were excellent and could not believe the size for the price nor could my friends.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.4m Tall plant on a cane, in a 3L pot.
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