Bougainvillea Alexandra standard

Bougainvillea 'Alexandra' standard

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A real taste of hot lazy Summers, Bougainvillea grow freely in hot countries around the Mediterranean with their rich colours smothering walls and balconies in the hot sun, but they also make great summer plants right here too!

The lovely magenta pink variety 'Alexandra' is one of the more compact and floriferous varieties, and performs well at lower temperatures in winter too. The colour comes, infact, from bracts, not flowers themselves, a little like Christmas poinsettias. The bracts turn brightest magenta pink in summer whereas the flower itself is quite insignificant - a small creamy flower, which looks like the eye of the bracts.

These plants have been expertly trained into a standard form, and can easily be maintained this way outside. Although climbers, they are slower growing in the UK. Grow in large pots in full sun, and then in winter provide protection below 2C. They can lose their bracts suddenly due to stress, so do not be alarmed if they drop - new ones will quickly re-appear in warm weather.

A real tropical addition to the Summer garden!

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++ Service rating : Excellent service all round
Product : Quick delivery and excellent quality
+ Service rating : good fast delivery
Product : not in colour yet but hopefully will be soon, in greenhouse till weather warmer. lovely strong size.
++ Service rating : always excellent
Product : Have these under a fleece for protection so we will see
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery and well packaged.
Product : Just as ordered with plenty of blooms.
++ Service rating : excellent company to deal with.
Product : first class plant extremely well packed.
++ Service rating : Great serv
Product : Strong and sturdy plants
- Service rating : I have used this company for a number of years and have generally found their standards high, until the most recent experience.
Product : This arrived badly packed - squashed in one box with too many other plants. It was badly damaged and nothing like the size advertised on the website. After complaint it was replaced for a much more healthy specimen, but this was, if anything, even smaller than the original! Very disappointed after years of great service.
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I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your order. We've still got some great looking plants on the nursery and we'd be happy to send you another if you'd like?

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : I have used this company for a number of years and always found them most helpful
Product : Badly packed so damaged on arrival, suffered further die-back since, and also much smaller than advertised
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Sorry to hear that you're unhappy with this plant. Can you send us some photos please?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Once advised that it had been dispatched it took 5 days to reach me!
Product : Was very dry and the leaflets were resting on top if he canary squashing it and broke a couple of branches
++ Service rating : I have been very happy with the service and been kept informed regarding delivery
Product : Lovely healthy plant covered in flowers, excellent
++ Service rating : The plant I received was very good well packed.The only thing I would ask is that they would communicate a little more.
Product : Lovey strong plant A1
- Service rating : Like the website.
Product : The plant has shed more than 80% of its leaves. I did speak to Customer Services.
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Thank you for your order.

These plants are not hardy, so if you have it outside this is to be expected - in fact, they do shed bracts/leaves at this time of year anyway. Bring it indoors and protect from extreme heat/cold and it should recover in spring.

Head of Customer Service
What Is Supplied Supplied as a standard griown plant, 90cm tall, clear stem of 40cm, with a well formed head. In colour as supplied May to Oct Images of actual plants in June as supplied..
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