Yucca elephantipes 1.4M tall

Yucca elephantipes 1.4M tall

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A striking big instant impact Yucca, that tolerates a little frost, but best protected below -4C, although many larger specimens survive outside in urban and milder coastal areas, especially in good drainage, adding a touch of exotic all year round.

Many people grow it in a big pot, and use it outdoors on patio or decking all summer for that wonderful exotic look and feel, and bring it inside for winter, into a conservatory or greenhouse, but even a dark corner of a shed or garage will do, as it shuts down in Winter, so does not need light or water.

Add some instant exotic appeal to your garden with this tremendous value for money huge Yucca - the image with James above is of the stock you will get, showing the clear trunk formed already.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a large1.4M tall plant with clear trunk stem, in a 10L pot. Ready to pot on indoors or out. Heavy!
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