Classic Planter pack - Narcissus & Crocus 45 bulbs

Classic Planter pack - Narcissus & Crocus 45 bulbs

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Pack of 45 bulbs - Item: 630109
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What could be easier than this perfect blend of pre-spaced and filled bulbs - arranged as 7 yellow Narcissus Tete a Tete, surrounded by 38 sea blue Crocus, creating a lovely effect. Perfect for dropping straight into larger pots (diameter 38cm (15') or more), or into the garden for circles of colour.

Using the unqiue biodegradable package, these Plant-o-Mat Drop in pods are a quick and simple way to take all the hassle out of planting bulbs. No more worrying about colours, or spacing

Simply plant the whole tray into the ground or a pot - watch the helpful video to see how. You cannot get easier gardening than this for flowers next Spring and for years beyond.

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++ Service rating : speedy delivery.
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+ Service rating : Great range of plants at good prices. Always able to find something different.
Product : Great idea, would have preferred more daffodils, but easy to plant, just wait for the flowers now
What Is Supplied Supplied is a pre-positioned pack of 45 bulbs, in 38cm diameter circular shape pack, plant whole pack in pots or garden soil.
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