Giant Flowered Hardy Hibiscus

Giant Flowered Hardy Hibiscus

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Prepare to be amazed by the simply huge flower size this unusual species of Hardy Hibscus will produce late each Summer. An entirely different species than the shrubby Hibiscus, despite it's exotic look is 100% hardy down to -20C or so.

Best grown in pots, in hot, sunny spots, for earlier and bigger flowers, the huge flowers can be up to 10' (25cm) across, and have that exotic look about them, and yet are perfect outdoors in the UK climate.

Top tip: These Hibiscus are hungry souls, they need regular weekly feeding once in leaf, especially with micronutrients to keep foliage green and healthy.


What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of plants in 9cm pots c 20cm tall - one white and one red,
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