Hardy Paeony Collection - 3 colours

Hardy Paeony Collection - 3 colours

Pack of 3 x 11cm Potted Plants - Item: 560223
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Now you too can have a gorgeous show of Paeony flowers in your own garden! Producing a simply stunning display of their huge, blousy, double flowers throughout mid-summer; they will add impact and vivid colour to your beds and borders from this year onwards.

For timeless elegant beauty, they are almost impossible to beat!  Paeonies are very popular and its little wonder why, as a perennial they will come back year after year with bigger, better displays and all with the absolute minimum of effort! They are easy to grow and low maintenance, making them ideal for beginners and those of us with little time on our hands. They will die back after flowering each year, only to burst into life again the following spring. You will get bigger, better displays each year for many years to come. Perfect for growing in beds, borders, pots or containers.

This collection includes one plant each of 3 fabulous varieties:

'Duchess de Nemours' - layers of white petals

'Sarah Bernhardt' - masses of pale pink petals

'Karl Rosenfeld' - deep magenta pink


What Is Supplied Supplied as pack of 3 plants grown on in 11cm pots, approx 10-15cm plant height, ready to plant out.
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