Clematis Hagley Hybrid Clematis Hagley Hybrid
Clematis Hagley Hybrid
Clematis Hagley Hybrid

Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'

A simply beautiful, later flowering, large pink clematis
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
  • This large-pink flowering Clematis will provide a beautiful display later into the season.
  • Perfect for adding height to floral displays and for covering up unsightly walls, fences and similar.
  • Relatively compact growing, you can also plant it in a pot or container on the patio, so you needn’t worry about finding space.
  • Supplied on a tripod in a 15cm pot, it's the ideal choice for training up supports and structures, creating an eye-catching feature


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Product Description

Create a beautiful summer display in your garden with this delightful 'Hagley Hybrid' clematis. This later blooming hybrid produces gorgeous large pink blooms from July to September.

A vigorous climber, this clematis has a relatively compact habit, and this makes it suitable for growing in container if space is limited, where its free-flowering nature can be put to best effect.

Clematis plants make wonderful additions to any garden and can be used very effectively to screen and hide objects and to enhance other plants such as other climbers and shrubs, especially roses.

Relatively compact growing, you can also plant in a pot or container on the patio, so you shouldn't worry about finding space in your borders. Why not grow up an obelisk in a pot for a beautiful patio display?

Winter hardy and free flowering, they can pretty much be left to their own devices with just a light trim in late winter/early spring trim and a prune back in the summer after flowering.

Supplied as an established plant in a 15cm pot, with a supporting tripod, ready to plant.

What Is Supplied

Item 550260 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 15cm pot, with a supporting tripod, ready to plant.

Plant Information

Top Tips

Clematis like a cool ‘root run’ so try and plant so that the roots are shaded. If you are planting in a sunny position, place some pieces of slate or flat stones on the soil after planting or use groundcover plants to keep the roots cool.

Care Guide

Planting your Hybrid Pink Clematis:

  • If planting by a wall or fence - the hole should be dug approx. 30cm (12in) away from its base.
    If planting by a tree - plant about 60cm (2ft) away from the trunk leaning the cane of the clematis towards the support.
  • Dig a planting hole 3 x wider than the roots of the shrub you're planting and mix some well-rotted compost or manure with the soil from the hole and use this to re-fill once the clematis is in place.
  • Before planting soak container-grown shrubs thoroughly and allow to drain.
  • Remove the plant from its pot and tease out a few of the roots.
  • Add Mycorrhizal fungi to the roots when planting to help plants establish quicker.
  • Plant with the crown of the plant 5-8cm deep to encourage new shoots to grow from below ground level.
  • Refill the hole with the earth removed (backfilling).
  • Firm in the soil with your heel, avoiding the root ball
  • Water well

Aftercare advice for your Clematis:

  • Feed in spring with a general-purpose feed, avoiding the stems. Mulch immediately afterwards with organic matter such as well-rotted manure, leaf mould or garden compost.
  • Water regularly during periods of dry weather in the first few seasons after planting, especially for container plants.
  • Clematis in pots should be given a liquid feed through the summer and early autumn.

Pruning Your Clematis:

  • Pruning is a case of a simple tidy up - in late winter/early spring simply reduce all stems down to 15cm (6in) of soil level. 
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Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'
Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'
15cm Pot
Item: 550260
Only £14.99