Jasmine azoricum Lemon Scented Jasmine

Jasmine azoricum Lemon Scented Jasmine

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1 x 5L Potted Plant - Item: 550119
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A truly sensational Jasmine,with the most exquisite floral fragrance from its lovely white large star shaped flowers. Supplied here as a large 1.4M tall column of foliage and flower (in summer), supported by 3 bamboo canes, for instant impact.

It is an evergreen scrambling climber, perfect for smothering unsighlty walls and fences with its stunning bright white flowers. It is best in a big pot on a sunny patio, and ideally moved to a conservatory or warm, sheltered postition for winter.

It is actually quite tough and will tolerate cold down to 1 or 2 degrees, but is much happier with some cool protection.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a large plant in a 5L pot, on 3 bamboo cane tripod, at 1.4M tall, with numerous stems.
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