Boulevard Patio Clematis Collection x 3

Boulevard Patio Clematis Collection x 3

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Pack of 3 x 7cm Potted Plants - Item: 550085
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Bred by World renowned Clematis breeder, Raymond Evison, the Boulevard series of compact, long-flowering clematis have taken the world by storm.

Bred specifically for smaller gardens and patios where conventional clemati can be too vigorous, they have a much reduced height at 1.5M or so, and a much higher flower count, which last much longer. This makes them ideal for growing in larger pots with trellis, or obelisks, or even hanging baskets, where they flower all Summer long.

This lovely collection includes one plant each of three of the best varieties:

  • ‘Guiding Promise’ Large, classic deep-blue purple flowers. Height: 1-1.2m
  • ‘Giselle’ Very free-flowering with lush pink blooms. Height: 1.2m
  • ‘Samaritan Jo’ White flowers with bright-purple edges. Height: 1.2m

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++ Service rating : Amazing plants and fantastic prices! Have no problem order plants online as I have done for years although not at these great prices. Will definitely be buying more as the selection is great and delivery is quick! Great service!!!
Product : I love clematis as it is such a wonderful plant to grow. Speedy delivery and great healthy plants. Ordering online has never been easier and the selection of plants on this site is amazing! Great that you offer only one p&p which means more to send on your fantastic plants!!
+ Service rating : Good communication
Swift delivery
Product : Will have to wait till next year for flowers
++ Service rating : Prompt service and. Heathy sturdy plants
Product : Came already in bud and excellent quality
++ Service rating : Very good delivery and excellent prices.
Product : They had been well packaged but unfortunately had been shaken out of their inner plug pots. Planted immediately, one even had a bud starting, now all three are growing very well. Very pleased with plants and delivery. I will use Gardens Bargains again.
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Look in good healrh
++ Service rating : Very efficient.
Product : Plants arrived on time , well packed and in good condition.
+ Service rating : One plant received was dead, but replaced
Product : Sending live plants through post or courier is never going to be perfect
- Packing was appalling, leading to the plants shaken out of their pots and being battered. Replacements have arrived safely and packed better but I still feel that the box used for delivery was too unsubstantial, and easily battered.
+ Service rating : Didn't receive Clematis ordered. Substituted. Now ones I ordered are on offer. £2 cheaper. Not happy.
Product : Didn't receive Clematis ordered. Substituted. Now ones I ordered are on offer. £2 cheaper. Not happy.
+ Service rating : Kept informed of delivery so could be at home to receive them & get them planted out asap.
Product : The plants luckily arrived healthy which was a surprise as there was hardly any compost left around them.Obviously the transportation of them was not the best.Ihave planted them & they are still looking healthy.Unfortunately the delivery of them stopped me from giving an excellent rating.
+ Service rating : Quick response to my order and delivered quickly
Product : Items I ordered were quite small when delivered but on planting it looks like they have started to grow a little
+ Sent photos of the ferns as requested waste of time they said they looked ok
++ Service rating : My order arrived quickly and very well packaged. I'll buy again from this company.
Product : I planted the clematis in pots immediately upon receipt and they are growing away perfectly. All three plants had lovely roots and were in perfect health.
-- Service rating : Usually speedy. efficient service
Product : Same comment as above
+ Service rating : Quick delivery, nicely packaged
Product : 2 of the clematis have lots of roots and look very healthy but one was a bit sickly and I'm not too sure it will survive!
+ Service rating : Good range of plants presented in a clear way. Means you can have something a little bit different in the garden without breaking the bank.
Product : Sturdy plants, one has several flower buds which is an added bonus.
+ Service rating : Well packed and arrived n good condition
Product : All clematis will grow but they were not of equal quality. Two were really good but the third rather poor. Maybe that is what I should expect from a bargain collection.
+ Service rating : service good
Product : quite nice hope it flowers
++ Service rating : VERY FAST DELIVERY
+ Service rating : Communication is good.
Product : Plants were in transit over long bank holiday weekend and looked worse for wear.
Now appear to be recovering after spending time in my greenhouse.
+ Good sized plants but dome damage in packing as box too small
++ Service rating : Never an issue with delivery, products packed well so no issue there.
Just a very satisfied customer
Product : Just very pleased with quality and service. Again, a very satisfied customer
++ Service rating : Excellent quick service.. The plants were very well packed and arrived in perfect condition.
Product : They appear good plants and were in a good condition when received.
++ Service rating : Efficient and seamless
Product : Plants arrived timeously and in great condition
+ Service rating : Clear product information, prompt del8very
Product : Smaller, less mature plants than anticipated. Growing on well now, green and healthy. Making quick growth now as weather is warm
NA Service rating : Arrived in good condition
Product : Potted on and will transfer outside in a couple of weeks
+ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : well packaged on time
++ Service rating : Not impressed with lack of clear instructions on how to deal with planting of
Boulevard Clematis i.e. what size pot, what size of supporting trellis and what
type pf planting medium - the latter has since been emailed.
Product : Plants were well packed but quite a lot of soil was "loose" in package. One of the
plants had to be replaced which was done promptly.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Arrived in good condition
-- Service rating : Only half order delivered and when I chased it up, I was told to check to see if there was 2 plants in each pot. then they admitted they got it wrong and sent the missing plants, it took 7 days to be delivered, and you can guess the state of the plants with no water after 7 days in transit.
Product : first batch, only less than 1 inch plants, and covered in black fly, second set took so long to be delivered, one is barely alive, and the other trying to burst out of the packaging.
++ Service rating : an honest company
Product : they arrived in perfect condition
+ Service rating : In general I find you pretty reliable. Only had one small problem.which was rectified following a phone call.
Product : Only one problem 2 out of the three were ok. The Third one looked dead.
Which was replaced immediately after a phone call.
What Is Supplied Supplied as over-wintered plants in 7cm plants, cut back several times, to flower in first year of planting. Pruning advice - cut down all old stems to 10-15cm (4-6') in late Winter or early Spring, before new growth starts
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