Climbing Plant Collection - 3 varieties

Climbing Plant Collection - 3 varieties

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Pack of 3 x 9cm Potted Plants - Item: 550066
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If you have an unsightly wall or fence that needs hiding, or want to smother a shed or arbour with colour, or even just grow in a large pot close to the house, then this Climbing Plant Collection is for you. Full of fragrance, flowers, berries and year round interest, it will delight in all seasons.

Each collection contains one plant of each, ready to plant straight out:
• Passion Flower Careulea - lovely detailed white and blue waxy flowers, and evergreen foliage
• Honeysuckle Lonicera Belgica - delicate red and cream fragrant flowers, a mecca for bees, plus lovely red berries after
• Jasmine Beesianum - masses of fragrant pink flowers smother the plant in Summer

All easy to manage, good doers for the garden, and tough performers in our weather.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a collection of 3 plants - 1 each of 3 colours - in 9cm pots 15-20cm tall, to plant straight out.
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