Pair of Topolina Half Standard Roses

Pair of Topolina Half Standard Roses

2 x 3L Pots - Item: 530310
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What Is Supplied

Bred by the experts at Kordes Roses in Germany as a groundcover rose, here we use it for something quite different!

Key characteristics of a groundcover rose include a strong, dense branching habit with a healthy, disease resistant and repeat flowering nature. This is exactly what 'Topolina' does in abundance, but what we have done here is grafted the variety onto a tall straight stem, so you get all the effect of a floriferous bush but elevated up into a ball of flower power!

Perfect for adding height and structure to beds and borders or planting in pots and placing either side of doorways, pathways or patios, its neon-pink flowers are a magnet for bees and butterflies and its beautiful sweet fragrance will fill the air on those warm summer evenings.

Strong disease-resistance, repeat-flower power, sweet floral fragrance and contemporary standard form Topolina really is a guaranteed head-turner!

What Is Supplied Supplied as a pair of 3L potted roses ready to plant straight out or re-pot. Supplied in standard form on a long straight stem approx. 60cm tall.
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