Hydrangea Magical Amazone Hydrangea Magical Amazone Hydrangea Magical Amazone
Hydrangea Magical Amazone
Hydrangea Magical Amazone
Hydrangea Magical Amazone

Hydrangea 'Magical Amazone'

Masses of sumptuous pink flowers
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
  • Bubblegum pink mophead flowers with a hint of green fading to violet and pale green as they age.
  • Fabulous ruffle-edged blooms growing to 20cm (8in) across and impossible to miss!
  • A handsome specimen growing in a large pot and happy in the borders too.
  • Ideal cut flowers for bold indoor displays and great dried too.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 14cm pot, ready for planting.
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Product Description

‘Amazone’ is from the 'Magical’ series of Hydrangeas, all of which are incredibly impressive, prolifically flowering, compact, multi-stemmed and perfectly formed mophead varieties.

Hydrangea ‘Magical Amazone’ has the most delicious looking flowers, producing an abundance of pink blooms in the summer that change to delightful shades of violet and pale green as they mature. In autumn the leaves take on rich orange and red tones before falling to leave the majestic, faded flower heads which look beautiful during the winter and provide a home for insects during the coldest months.

Naturally compact, 'Amazone' is ideal for growing in containers or smaller gardens and will grow into a loose mound of large leaves. Perfect growing in borders and a handsome specimen in a large pot this Hydrangea will bring an attractive touch to your decking, terrace or balcony.

Being a mophead, the large flower heads consist of sterile coloured bracts which look like flowers and these are super as cut flowers for both summer colour and dried winter arrangements.

Easy to grow and relatively compact - it reaches just 1.5m (5ft) high and wide - this is a hydrangea which can be grown by anyone whatever their level of experience.

Supplied as an established plant in a 14cm pot, ready for planting.

What Is Supplied

Item 511161 supplied as:

Supplied as an established plant in a 14cm pot, ready for planting.

Plant Information

Top Tips

  • To extend the seasonal interest leave some flower heads on the plants over winter where they look gorgeous covered with frost, and of course they'll provide shelter for overwintering wildlife.

Care Guide

Planting Advice

  • Hydrangeas do best in a clay-like, fertile soil, although they'll do well in most soils as long as it is well drained, in sun or part shade. The more sun the plant gets, the better the flower colour.
  • Just plant in position, water well, and add a general-purpose fertiliser or our own specialist hydrangea feed - they’ll burst into growth and flower profusely all summer!

Aftercare Advice

  • Hardy in the UK, frost can cause a lot of damage to young buds, reducing the number of flowers, so protect your plant with fleece if freezing weather is likely.
  • Another way to prevent damage is to leave flowering stems in place until spring.
  • Hydrangeas are moisture-loving plants, so remember to water regularly and deeply especially for container plants.

Pruning Advice

  • Pruning is generally best carried out mid spring. A general tidy up is usually all that is needed and consists of removing the dead bloom from each stem, cutting back to the first strong, healthy pair of buds down from the faded flower.
  • As these hydrangeas flower on the current season's growth, cut out 1 or 2 of the oldest stems, in spring, at the base to encourage the production of new, replacement growth that will carry more flowers.
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Hydrangea 'Magical Amazone'
Hydrangea 'Magical Amazone'
14cm Pot
Item: 511161
Only £12.99