Genista Lydia Genista Lydia
Genista Lydia
Genista Lydia

Genista 'Lydia'

A beautiful compact shrub that'll grow in almost any conditions.
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
RHS Garden Merit
  • Smothered in lightly scented bright golden yellow blooms on gently arching stems in May and June.
  • A beautiful low growing, spreading deciduous dwarf shrub.
  • Their compact nature makes them ideal for growing in pots or planting at the front of borders or in rockeries.
  • Ideally suited for cold or exposed sites, particularly for coastal gardens.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting, growing to 50cm (20in) in height and spreading 1m (3ft).
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Product Description

A member of the Broom family, Genista ‘Lydia’ is a wonderful low growing dwarf deciduous shrub with spreading, arching stems.

The compact nature makes ‘Lydia’ perfect for growing at the front of a border or in a rockery where it is perfect for filling in the gaps between other plants and helping to keep weeds at bay.

Also known as the Lydian Broom, the stems are covered in fabulous, lightly scented sunshine yellow flowers during May and June, attracting bees and other pollinating insects, a stunning sight. Its compact nature makes it a superb plant for filling in gaps in border planting and wonderful in rockeries, and it’s great grown in pots too!

Brooms are naturally found growing on heaths, and as such they’re perfectly suited to growing on windy, cold and exposed sites, especially coastal gardens where they will thrive. They’re resistant to drought and grow well in dry, relatively poor sandy conditions.

Fully deserving its coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, you can be sure that this is a proven garden performer, guaranteed to be suitable for UK gardeners at every level of experience. You can therefore plant this in the garden with confidence, for stunning displays for many years to come.

Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting, growing to 50cm (20in) in height and spreading 1m (3ft).

What Is Supplied

Item 511123 supplied as:
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot.

Plant Information

Top Tips

  • A great choice for problem areas with poor soil.

Care Guide

Planting Advice for Genista

  • Grow Genista in a sunny site in well-drained soil.
  • Dig a planting hole 3 x wider than the roots of the shrub you're planting. We've found that a square hole is better than a round one as the new roots, once they reach the edges tend to grow in a circle round the circumference of the hole whereas when they reach the corners of a square hole, they find it easier to grow through.
  • Before planting soak container-grown shrubs thoroughly and allow to drain.
  • Remove the plant from its pot and tease out a few of the roots and add Mycorrhizal fungi to the roots when planting to help plants establish quicker.
  • Place your shrub in the hole at the same level at the pot and refill the hole with the earth removed (backfilling).
  • Firm in the soil with your heel, avoiding the root ball and water well
  • Mulch around the base of the plant with a collar, compost, gravel, bark etc
  • If you're planting into pots, place some old rocks, stones or gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage and ballast. Use the best compost you can buy and some sand or grit for drainage.

Aftercare Advice

  • Keep plants well-watered while they establish, especially if planted up in a pot.


  • Genista are easy plants to grow, needing a simple prune every copuple of years.
  • Prune straight after flowering to allow time for further new growth to develop through the summer which will then produce next year’s flowers.
  • Be careful not to cut back to a woody stem, prune near new green growth.
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Genista 'Lydia'
Genista 'Lydia'
9cm Pot
Item: 511123
RRP £9.99
Deal Price £4.99
Save: £5.00 - 50%
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