Dwarf Lilac Syringa Sugar Plum Fairy 5L

Dwarf Lilac Syringa 'Sugar Plum Fairy' 5L

Dwarf Lilac Syringa 'Sugar Plum Fairy' 5L - Item: 510348
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This fantastic new dwarf Lilac naturally grows to just 4-6ft tall so is just the thing for small gardens or growing in a large pot. In late spring it becomes smothered in a mass of pale pink flower clusters - each one with a lovely lilac fragrance - which make very nice cut flowers. As it blooms quite late in spring it brings welcome colour to the garden before summer bloomers get going.

Although Sugar Plum Fairy will tolerate a little shade it will be at its best in a sunny spot. This is a very easy little tree to care for, it likes a rich moist soil  and just needs a light trim to shape after flowering is over.



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