Nandina Firepower

Nandina 'Firepower'

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One of the finest shrubs you can grow for spectacular winter colour of both leaves and red berries, this should be in anyone's winter garden!

Hardy and tough as old boots, it has a bamboo-like appearance, with several slender canes emerging from the base.

Foliage changes colour like a chameleon throughout the year with fresh, news growth bright yellow-green in the summer, that transform through orange, to a striking red-purple colour that this Nandina is celebrated for.

Whatís more, it produces small white flowers in the summer that add something a little different before the real show begins in the autumn. It really comes to life as the temperatures drop in autumn, its leaves turning a spectacular bonfire orange red. Perfect for Halloween and autumn colour!

Its reddish hues deepen and get darker as it gets colder, and are accompanied by clusters of beautiful berries. These berries become redder and redder, so the Nandina is a real frenzy of colour in full winter.

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+ Service rating : Easy to order through Ideal World, some of the deals on offer are great value, however the quality of the products isn't as good as last years
Product : Very dry soil on arrival but (unlike other items purchased in the past) they had stayed in their pots
Most of foliage died or fell off but after watering/feeding/ lots of TLC they are starting to regain foliage and are now looking better
+ Service rating : Usually good products
Product : Shrubs not matured for comment
What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 3 x 9cm potted plants ready to plant out.
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