Acer shirasawanum Aureum
Acer shirasawanum Aureum

Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'

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Also known as the ‘Golden Full Moon’ Maple, this slow growing beauty has stunning, uniquely coloured and shaped foliage. Starting with buttery-yellow leaves in the spring, in summer the tree the foliage transforms in to a display of bright yellow/lime, before its leaves complete their transition to golden orange with red margins in the autumn. Small crimson flowers appear in summer as the tree matures.

 Perfect for any garden, it is easy to grow and very hardy even in the coldest parts of the UK.

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++ Service rating : Very pleased with the plant looks quite impressive on the patio
Product : Very pleased with the plant looks quite Impressive on the patio.
- Service rating : Very bad delivery of the goods packaging was all torn plant inside was not secure it had lost a lot of its new leaves and after a few days they went black. I was disgusted.
Product : Poor plant been knocked around in a pot with no fastening or security, consequently the new leaves had been ripped off.
- Service rating : The service from Garden Bargains themselves is very good but they need to keep an eye on their "expert packers". My young Acer arrived packed ON ITS SIDE! OK the pot had a plastic bag round it so the soil could not empty out but it was half out of pot and many of the tender young shoots had been bent and snapped and were dying off. Directions on the outside of the under sized cardboard box ensured the plant was kept on its side all through despatch and delivery. There was no other packing.
Product : It looked like it would have been lovely if it had been packed and handled better. I complained to Garden Bargains and they sent a replacement very quickly and free of charge BUT STILL PACKED IN A SMALL BOX ON ITS SIDE. Luckily this plant wasn't so badly damaged as the first so was accepted. I don't feel very hopeful that the packaging will be changed.
++ Service rating : I used Thompson & Morgan for years, I now use Garden Bargains which is a much better product in ALL Aspects
Product : Came in First Class condition
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 3L potted plant approx. 50cm tall.
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