Euonymus Marieke standard

Euonymus 'Marieke' standard

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This lovely new selection of larger leaved Euonymus has bright gold-edged variegations, creating an evergreen ball of colour atop a straight standard stem.

The fabulous golden yellow variegated leaves are brightest in new growth in Spring and Summer, yet remain neat and tidy too. And they are ever-yellow too - they remain bright all year, even in Winter, so offer a real year round feature.

Grown on a clear stem of about 50cm, these standard Euonymus are quite unusual, and work really well as a low maintenance feature in pairs either side of a doorway or gate.

What Is Supplied Supplied in a 3L pot, a standard lollipop form tree, with a clear 50cm stem, and trimmed head, 1M tall inc pot.
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