Standard Photinia Red Robin Tree

Standard Photinia 'Red Robin' Tree

all year round ever-red colour.
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3L Pot 1m Tall - Item: 510183
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We are constantly on the lookout for great garden plants, which are easy to grow and make a great addition to any garden - these fabulous Photinia tick both boxes.

'Little Red Robin' is quite a new cultivar with smaller leaves, giving an even bolder and brighter red glow as the new leaves emerge and throughout the summer. What's more, in this stylish lollipop standard form, it's even more of a year-round focal point and feature too.

Skilfully crafted over 4 years, this unusual format adds height to any garden, and yet is easy to maintain with a simple trim to shape each autumn. Grow in full sun for best red foliage colour and it will glow on those long summer nights. Whilst it will fade to darker green somewhat over winter, it retains a mix of red tones all year.

Great for year round evergreen use (it should be ever-red!), they work well in pairs in large pots either side of doorways, gates and porches, or as a single focal point in a formal bed.

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++ Service rating : A very smooth transaction, the shrubs arrived by post in excellent condition.
Product : Excellent product. My one reservation was the price, which was a tad expensive, even though discounted.
+ Service rating : I am very happy with the service I have received from Garden Bargains
Product : This arrived looking very healthy and well packed
- Service rating : very disappointed this time, 2 standard shrubs packed into one box and the 2 plants not very good quality. However, I have given excellent for customer service.
Product : not a good quality plant, broken branches from bod packing did not help
Garden Bargains Comments
Sorry to hear that you are not happy with this order. Could you send us some photos of the plants please? We appreciate you giving them time to establish, however if the damage sustained in transit is significant we will replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Quick a reliable
+ They were very quick and effieicent
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 4 year old tree, 1M tall in 3L pot, with 50cm clear stem, and shaped standard head. Red leaf colour at it's best in new Spring growth and in full sun.
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